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Hardcover Publisher:- Ps Publishing

Ebook Publisher:- Venture Press

Hardcover available in signed and unsigned editions from:-

Ps Publishing

You can read Tim’s thoughts on the creation of the novella here.

An Ebook release out now and available from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Alone, all alone, alone on a wide, wide sea…

Adrift in space, a gigantic freighter, Cradle, carrying seventeen million souls makes its slow journey across the universe.

They are in search of a new home, a ‘Goldilocks’ planet to sustain human life after the decimation and downfall of planet Earth.

One man, a control room tech, is part of a generation destined to live their lives protecting those of the sleeping millions onboard Cradle.

But soon, everything is about to change…

When Cradle encounters five unknown entities flying just beyond its radars, the ship’s AI calls for caution. Comms go down across the gargantuan ship, cutting the tech from the millions of other souls under his watch.

Those in cryosleep don’t realise the danger they are in. Their lives are in the balance.

And the alien ships are fast approaching…

Now this lonely technician must make his decision: will he stand his ground, and risk the lives of millions?

Or is it time to admit that humanity has strayed too far into the unknown?

Mankind’s fate is in his hands. Soon, the consequences of his actions and the message he bears will be felt for generations to come…

RIME is a gripping sci fi novella, retelling the harrowing tale of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner against the indomitable backdrop of deep space.

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  1. Matthew McDougall says:

    Where can I find a copy? Nothing is turning up.

  2. Tim Love says:

    Hi Matthew,
    visit the book page on this website here, https://www.timlebbon.net/library/rime/
    and click on either of the PS Publishing links.

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