The Everlasting

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The Everlasting - Tim LebbonPublished: Necessary Evil Press, March 2007 / Leisure Books May 2007 / Allison & Busby 2008


  • NEP Lettered Edition Hb (publisher sold out; try specialist dealers)
  • Leisure mass-market Pb, 0843954299
  • Allison & Busby mass-market Pb, 0749079088

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30 years ago…

Sixteen-year-old Scott sees his first ghost.

Where is the Chord of Souls? it demands, then abruptly flees, leaving the horror of that fateful day indelibly tattooed on his Scott’s young mind.

He will never forget that day. Because the ghost was his grandfather’s friend… and his grandfather had murdered his friend just ten days before.


Thirty years after his grandfather’s suicide, Scott is stunned to suddenly receive a letter from the old man which talks of an ancient book of apocalyptic power: The Chord of Souls.

The letter’s arrival quickly heralds a deluge of supernatural events that has Scott teetering on the precipice of sanity and salvation: his wife is kidnapped, ghosts besiege his home and his mind, and immortality dons the guise of a beautiful woman…

Scott embarks upon a perilous journey to save his wife, one fraught with horrific danger and soul-shattering temptation. After all, who would not be tempted by the promise of powers beyond understanding… knowledge beyond comprehension… and life everlasting?



“The Everlasting is a fast-paced and compelling read, one which shows Lebbon reaching even greater heights of imagination.” – Black Static

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4 comments on “The Everlasting”

  1. Dave Wynne says:

    Loved the book especially the relationship and strong bond with the Grandfather. Reminded me of my relationship with my Nana, she had a mysterious past and read fortunes, although she would never read mine our my wifes for years . She finaly did and nothing has ever come true, dont tempt fate. After finishing the book last week I went out with my Grandson and realised I must look at the world in a similar way to Scott and his Papa. It worked we had a magical day!!!
    Ta Ta Ta

  2. Michael Billington says:

    Again what a great read!!! Like Berserk i counld’nt put it down.Sure would like know who the teacher was!!!

  3. tim says:

    Thanks Michael!

  4. phil boath says:

    This is the first novel ive read from Tim, and i loved it. i plan to read through his entire collection. I found some strange fasination with Nina.I really loved the part where she slit her throat to prove her immortality. The Pulp Fiction referance was ace. Thanks Tim concider me a fan for life. The next novel i plan to read is Berserk. Cheers from Australia

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