The Chamber of Ten (with Christopher Golden)

October 12th, 1999 • Posted in Novels |

the Chamber of TenPublished by Bantam Spectra


USA (mass market paperback)

Ebook: Kindle USNook – Sony US

Geena Hodge is an American archaeologist working to salvage Venice’s past from the encroaching Adriatic Sea. When she and her lover, Nico, discover the lost library of Petrarch under the Piazza San Marco, they rejoice not only at the historical significance of the find but at the opportunity to bring worldwide attention—and much-needed funding—to their endeavors.

But that find soon leads to another, a room buried more deeply still: the fabled Chamber of Ten, where centuries ago the secret rulers of Venice, in their quest for absolute power, met to plot betrayals and murders. After entering the Chamber, Geena and Nico are thrust into the midst of an ancient feud, a deadly battle of wills and black magic that threatens to poison the city’s future with the evils of its past.

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2 comments on “The Chamber of Ten (with Christopher Golden)”

  1. Gareth says:

    Will there be a CD version of this Mr L?

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Gareth, the limited edition of this one will be published by someone else. I can’t say who yet, but yes, there’ll be a sexy hardback.

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