Hush (with Gavin Williams)

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Hush - Tim Lebbon & Gavin WilliamsPublished: Paperback Razorblade Press, 2000

Limited Edition Hardcover of 200 copies Delirium Books 2005

(Book 1 Volume 3 of the Delirium Dark Essentials Series)



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A novel written in collaboration with Gavin Williams. This started life as a wide-ranging Lovecraftian horror novel, but it took on much more besides. The Matrix meets The X-Files with a bit of H.P. thrown into the mix; it’s a fast-moving action-horror-love-science fiction novel. There, all bases covered there I think.

The collaborating process was very interesting… I’d written short stories before but never a novel, and I didn’t know what to expect. It was certainly a different way of working. I never usually plan my work in great detail, but the first couple of months working on Hush were almost entirely planning. We both had to know where we were going with this… although truth be told, we did divert from the plan in places. What emerged was something quite unlike anything either of us had written before.


“Hush is, quite simply, a modern masterpiece.’ Masters of Terror

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