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Face - Tim LebbonPublished: Night Shade Books, 2001 / Dorchester Publishing, 2003


  • Night Shade Limited Edition Hb, 1892389207 (sold out)
  • Night Shade Trade Edition Hb, 1892389193
  • Mass market Pb, UK: 0843951958
  • Mass market Pb, USA: 0843951958

A family picks up a hitchhiker in the worst blizzard in living memory. It’s a mistake. Brand is not who he seems, to the mother, the father or the daughter. He is something more, something they fear in their own ways, and soon after the thaw they are all seeing him again….

They begin to learn things about themselves, and each other, which perhaps would be best left unknown. And they begin to realise other, more painful truths … love blinds . Fear distorts . Hate misleads.

In development as a movie



“Lebbon is an apocalyptic visionary – a prophet of blood and fear. His stories map out a world you better pray never exists.” – Mark Chadbourn

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5 comments on “Face”

  1. Justin says:

    As I sit here reading this book I am jumping out of my skin, I just want to run a marathon or fight Mike Tyson, but I can’t. To do so would be to stop reading and to stop reading would be to die. I love this book I am almost done with it and am thinking to myself HOLY $#!+ how do you come up with this stuff!!!

    Sincerely yours,

    P.S. I love your books

  2. Timothy says:

    I don’t really like this book. After 100 pages I kinda committed one big thing I don’t care for though… When ever it seems to get to a good and scary or interesting part Mr. Lebbon seems to go into a rant describing crap I really don’t need further information about. Like the color of a brick or over describe some small detail not at all important to the story. I believe this is an attempt to fill pages. But other then that Iam really hoping something scary happens. I have read over 100 pages and still nothing but some foot prints and the snow and some pervert molester guy that seemed to get his ass kicked pretty good. NOT SCARY!!!

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Sorry to hear you’re not enjoying it Timothy. Can’t please everyone!

  4. Ralph says:

    Tim…read this one a few years back and it still sticks with me (especially now that winter has arrived once again). One of the “coldest” stories I’ve ever read. Finished the Silence in the summer, and just ready to start Coldbrook. Keep ’em coming.

  5. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks, Ralph! So glad you like my work. Plenty more where they came from.

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