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Dusk - Tim LebbonPublished: Bantam Spectra 2006


Ebook: Kindle US – Nook – Sony US

Winner of the 2007 British Fantasy Award for Best Novel, Dusk is set in the fading world of Noreela, where magic has withdrawn and nature itself is winding down. Machines lay dead and rotting across the landscape, crops fail, and the people of Noreela are mostly apathetic and accepting of their lot.

But then the spark of magic appears again in a young farm boy, and he becomes the centre of attention for people – and things – that desperately want this new magic for themselves.



“A Riveting Work of Staggering Imagination.” – F. Paul Wilson

“An exquisitely written, unique world is revealed in this novel, a world inhabited by flesh and blood people rendered with often brutal honesty and clarity of vision. It’s rare indeed to witness the conventions of fantasy so thoroughly grabbed by the throat and shaken awake the way Tim Lebbon has done with Dusk. Even more enticing, this first novel in the series concludes with a jaw-dropping finale, and for what it’s worth, such a reaction from me is not a common occurrence.” – Steven Erikson

“Dusk is a deliciously dark and daring fantasy novel, proof of a startling imagination at work. Lebbon’s writing is a twisted spiral of cunning, compassion, and cruelty.” – Christopher Golden

“Dusk is dark, twisted and visceral, with a very shocking sting in the tail – the perfect jolt for anyone jaded by the creaking shelves of cuddly, rent-an-elf fantasy. Tim Lebbon is an important new voice in the fantasy field. Bring on the night!’ – Mark Chadbourn

“Tim Lebbon writes with a pen dipped in the dark stuff of nightmare. The world he creates is eerie, brutal and complex, and the story abounds with action and menace.” – K.J. Bishop

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  2. Carl says:

    How come no UK kindle version?

  3. Dan says:

    Please please get this and “Dawn” into an audiobook Tim!!! this is one of my favorite books of all time!

  4. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks! I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Brian C Correll says:

    Yes please make it on audible. It is seriously on of the best fantasy stories ever written. Thank you for writing it!

  6. Dan Bowes says:

    I would absolutely love an audiobook of Dusk and Dawn, they are my favorite fantasy books i have ever read! John Lee would be a great reader of the books, he is great and would be able to do it justice!

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