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Publisher: Hammer

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Death is just the beginning…

The world as we know it has changed

The reason is Coldbrook

The facility lay deep in the Appalachian Mountains, a secret laboratory called Coldbrook.  Theirs was to be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, but they had no idea what they were unleashing.

Now the disease is out and ravaging the human population.  The only hope is a cure and the only cure is genetic resistance, an uninfected person amongst the billions dead.  In the chaos of global destruction there is only one that can save the human race.

But will they find her in time?


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26 comments on “Coldbrook”

  1. Luke Walker says:

    Sweet. Can’t wait.

  2. john says:

    Any word on a U.S release?

  3. Stephen Volk says:

    Fabulous cover!

  4. Tim Lebbon says:

    John, nothing yet, watch this space.

    And thanks Steve!

  5. John says:

    I’m about 300 pages in and I cant put it down. If the rest of the book is like what I’ve read, then this might surpass Dusk as my favorite book of yours.

  6. Mike says:

    Got it yesterday. Finished it today. Thoroughly entertaining on every level; the kind of book that I would hope to write. One day.

  7. Tim Lebbon says:

    Many thanks, Mike!

  8. Warren says:

    Just finished it, really enjoyed the story. Any plans for a sequel? Lots of different Earths there to be explored!

  9. Tim Lebbon says:

    I’d like to do it one day, but no plans as yet…

  10. Carl says:

    If ever there was a book screaming to be made into a slick, high budget Sci-Fi flick, then this is it. Pure brilliance!

  11. Glenn Herring says:

    Good enough story but you need a new editor. In America our cars do not have bonnets or wind screens and bikers do not offer cake and ice cream at “tea”.

  12. Tim Lebbon says:

    Glenn, the language barrier strikes again! Hope it didn’t spoil your enjoyment. The book was first published in the UK by a different publisher, probably why these slipped through.

  13. Evelyn says:

    Just finished this book, loved it so much!
    Will there be a second part to this book? I need to know what’s going to happen next.

  14. Colleen says:

    Is there a second installment of Coldbrook?
    Good read but it left me hanging. 😞

  15. Grainne Gillespie says:

    Great book, but how did the virus spread beyond the Americas so quickly (if at all)? Bites turn victims so quickly that the hooters could take out a plane before it landed on another continent and ships are pretty slow moving.

  16. Tim Lebbon says:

    Good point … although because of speed of transmission I guess it’d only take a few planes out of thousands to land and spread the disease. Glad you liked it!

  17. Beau says:

    If and when will there be a sequel?

  18. Tim Lebbon says:

    Hmmm, nothing on the horizon, but I’ll never say never.

  19. Kolton says:

    Please please please make a sequel. I absolutely hate reading but this book kept me glued to every word. Just hated how it ended and would love to see what happens with the cure!!!!

  20. Joshua says:

    Ok… when will the sequel be released? This is a book that I read in 13 hours, due to not being able to put it down or fall asleep until I had read the final word!

  21. Jon harris says:

    Is there a way to buy a hard back version?

  22. Tim Love says:

    Hi Jon,
    Sadly Coldbrook has thus far only appeared in paperback. If that ever changes it will be a news page item.

  23. Heather says:

    I want this to be a TV series so bad! But only if it’s done well, cast right, and on the right network. Please and thanks. Lol 🙂

  24. Dawn Henderson says:

    There MUST be a sequel!!!! I have too know the cure.. Loved this book.

  25. Krissie Lotierzo says:

    Please I am desperate for a sequel I have no closure and I can’t stop thinking about it. Please consider, from a desperate, new fan.

  26. Toni says:

    As an American reader of a book set in the US, I find all the British-isms and spellings in this novel a strong distraction from the intriguing characters and storyline. If these spellings and colloquialisms were exclusive to the Welsh and English characters, it would have added texture. I am disappointed that you use them universally.

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