Bar None

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bar-none-completePublisher Night Shade Books

A novel of chilling suspense, apocalyptic beauty, and fine ales.


USA (trade paperback)

Ebook: Baen Ebooks (DRM Free) – Kindle US Nook – Sony US


Six months have passed since the end of the world, leaving a handful of survivors holed up in a Welsh manor with little to do but survive. They’ve made the best of things, planting food, drinking their way through the cellar’s wine and ale, and reminiscing about the way life used to be. But with supplies running thin, everything is about to change…

“This book is beautifully written, it is scary, thought provoking, fun and different.” – Famous Monsters of Filmland

The arrival of a stranger named Michael sheds new light on their circumstances. If the survivors can reach Cornwall, a few days’ journey south, they will find a safe haven, called Bar None, quite possibly the last bar on earth.

“…a fun, engaging, exceptionally strange and refreshingly original tale for fans of postapocalyptic fiction.” – Publishers Weekly

As they make their way across the Briitish countryside, the survivors will experience a world gone strange, where frightening beings fly high overhead, where flora and fauna press in to fill the void left by the fall of man, and, in the wreckage of civilization, where less fortunate survivors, twisted by plagues, hunger, and fear, stalk human prey.

“It’s a book I will be reading again (and again), there are so many layers here, it’s impossible to dig through them all on a first reading. No, like the beer it so beautifully describes this is a book to savour time and time again to get all the subtle nuances. Tim Lebbon goes from strength to strength in my mind, this isn’t horror writing of the highest order, this is writing of the highest order.” – Highlander’s Book Reviews

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21 comments on “Bar None”

  1. Nikki A. says:

    Sooo excited! Anything apocalyptic makes my day- looking foward to it 🙂

  2. Brian Keene says:

    They doing a hardcover, too?

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Nope, just tpb.

  4. Luther Martin says:

    That’s a bummer. I have a totally irrational bias against peperbacks.

  5. Chris says:

    Christ I am pumped sir!

  6. Simon Bestwick says:

    This looks wicked, Tim… I shall definitely be getting a copy!

  7. James A. Moore says:

    There you go, making me spend money again! Looks sweet!

  8. Tim Lebbon says:

    Spend away, Jim! And everyone else. Beer and horror … what’s not to like?

  9. John McDaniel says:

    Really looking forwaqrd to reading this.

  10. Paul C. Snider says:

    Will definitely check this out once I get some $$$.

  11. Leighton Davies says:

    Oh no I can see me spending again!! This I have to read!

  12. Kenny says:

    Wow def need to buy this one…Thank you Tim for writing such great books!!

  13. Tim Lebbon says:

    And thanks for buying them …

  14. Lawrence McNeela says:

    This sounds ace. I hope for your characters’ sakes they dont make it as far as Launceston as we have the worst pubs in Britain here! We do have two brilliant 2nd hand bookshops here but I doubt I’ll find it in those yet. Tell me, is it worth a drive to Plymouth to the big Waterstones there, will they stock it?

  15. setser says:

    I really enjoyed Lebbon’s other work, but after reading BN all I can say is who would have thought the end of the world would be so boring? Instead of the Animal planet meets Food and Drink, put down the sedatives and give me some more kick ass stories like ‘Berserk’.

  16. Tim Lebbon says:

    Setser, really sorry you didn’t enjoy this one – can love ’em all! You might like COLDBROOK, the zombie novel I’m working on.

  17. Sam fortune jr says:

    dear Tim
    my name is Sam.My cousin Eric Fortune painted the cover to your book Bar None.He had used my father as a model to come up with the design.I would like to give my father and mother a copy of your book for their birthdays witch are coming up soon. i would like to know if i could get an autographed copy from you.

  18. Ben says:

    Loved this…..any more horror coming out soon?

  19. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks Ben. COLDBROOK will be out early 2012 in the UK, a big scale apocalyptic zombie novel.

  20. Bruce says:

    one of my favorite books. i read it a couple years ago and in my mind it is always a fun memory

  21. Mo says:

    About to buy your book, sounds perfect for me.

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