30 Days of Night: the novelisation

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30 Days of Night - Tim LebbonPublished: Pocket Star, September 2007


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A New York Times bestselling novel!

In the sleepy and secluded town of Barrow, Alaska – the northernmost settlement in North America – its citizens are preparing for the annual coming of the Dark, when the sun will set for more than thirty consecutive days and nights.

But this year, the Dark will bring something else.

From across the frozen wasteland, a horrifying evil descends upon Barrow, mercilessly besieging its residents with unrelenting terror and swift death. And as the darkness continues and the thirty days of night seemingly have no end in sight, Barrow’s only remaining hope lies with Sheriff Eben Oleson and Deputy Stella Oleson, a husband and wife who are torn between saving the town they love and their own survival…

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9 comments on “30 Days of Night: the novelisation”

  1. Three Years On… | Tim Lebbon - horror and dark fantasy author says:

    […] they know me so well).  And that first day of full-time writing I spent on the first chapter of my 30 Days of Night movie novelisation.  I remember it well, because I had to scrap it three days later when the […]

  2. Leslie says:

    I really loved your novelization of “Thirty Days of Night”, will you be doing a novelization of it’s sequel?

  3. Tim Love says:

    Also are you “officially” going to announce the other Novelisation you are doing (the details of which I stumbled across during an internet search, rather than you telling me after one to many olde trips)?

  4. Tim Lebbon says:

    Leslie, thank you! No, I haven’t been approached about that.

    And Tim, do you mean this? https://www.timlebbon.net/book-news/the-cabin-in-the-woods/

  5. Tim Love says:

    Hi Tim,
    Yes I do mean that one, I made the mistake of looking in the Library section of the site rather than trawl through all the old news !

  6. Mary Booth says:


    Your book: “30 Days of Night” is my favorite book about vampires. I think book are always better than movies… and i’m right!! i watched the movie before i even knew that there was a book and it was fantastic. but when i read your novelization of the movie… it was perfect! you explain their movements and their voices so perfect, you can picture them as clear as day in your mind. i hope you write more books about the “30 Days of Night” vampires. Maybe you have and i just havent found them….

  7. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks Mary. I wrote an original 30DON book called Fear of the Dark.

  8. Mary Booth says:

    Awesome! I’ll get it as soon as i can. Can’t wait to read it!!

  9. Mary Booth says:

    Sorry, i thought of this after i submited my last comment. Did you write the book “Fear of the Dark” before or after you wrote the 30DON novelization? I just want to know if Sherriff Eben Olsen will be in it.

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