The Reach of Children

October 12th, 1999 • Posted in Novellas |

Publisjed September 2008, Humdrumming

Due to the publisher Humdrumming’s recent demise, this Limited Edition Hardback is now SOLD OUT

Daniel is ten years old when his mother dies. She dies young, and with so much left to give. He does not understand. He cannot let her go.

After the funeral, his father begins talking to a large wooden box that suddenly appears beneath his bed. And when Daniel whispers to the box one day when his father goes out … it answers back.

It’s a voice he does not know. But this voice knows so much.

“Lebbon has written one of the best and most emotionally convincing stories about death that I have ever read” – Michael Marshall Smith

“…a precisely written and moving account of love and redemption” – Black Static

“…emotional and thought-provoking…” – Interzone

“With The Reach of Children, (Lebbon) has exceeded even his former astounding works.” – Horror World

“This is an important book, it will win things.  This is a given. More importantly though – and I honestly think Lebbon would share my opinion on this – this is a book that people will get evangelical about.  They will insist their friends read it.  They will get increasingly frustrated by people who claim to have not had the time or the money.” – The Hub

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11 comments on “The Reach of Children”

  1. Ron Dickie says:

    And there will be one more review of it in next month’s Horror World update. 😉

  2. Glenn R Bell says:

    I’m interested in a copy of “The reach of children.” Is it available? Thanks,

    Glenn R Bell
    4312 Ben Gunn Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA 23455-2121 USA

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Glenn, do me a favour and drop me an email (address in the CONTACT page). You’ll definitely get a copy, but emailing me will put you into the ‘system’! Thanks!


  4. Ian Alexander Martin says:

    This book has got to be one of the best ones I’ve read. Honestly, the writing is so carefully crafted that each word is like one tiny dot on a canvas by Georges-Pierre Seurat. Each bit hasn’t much seeming importance when viewed on its own, but the whole has such an effect on one when the piece is finished and viewed as a whole.

    This is not good horror writing, or fine genre fiction, or an excellent story about a child; it is simply damned great writing which anyone needs to read in order to be entertained, as well as receive a lesson in ‘how to tell a tale well’.

    No matter where you are, or who you are, buy a copy of this and get one for your mother. She’ll thank you later.

  5. Geoff Guthrie says:

    This is a great read; it’s easily one of my favorite works by Tim.

  6. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks Geoff. It’s one of my favourites too.

  7. Tim Lebbon says:

    … and REACH is now set to be published again. Watch this space for more news soon.

  8. Madelon Wilson says:

    I just read the email you sent out last November 22… (so much email, so little time!)

    Anyway, have you and plans on releasing an eBook edition? Kindle reader here!

  9. Steve says:

    Tim, I just stumbled across this book, it sound extremely fascinating – are there any of the original Humdrumming editions left? Best, Steve

  10. Tim Lebbon says:

    I’m afraid not Steve … I do have a few copies, but because it’s so rare I’m keeping hold of them. However, the novella WILL be released in an as-yet unannounced collection sometime in 2011. Long time to wait, I know …

    Actually, I do have a few ARCs of the book, I’d be happy to send one of those …

  11. Frances Rowat says:

    Hoping I don’t offend by being too forward, but… I had “The Reach of Children” recommended as a highly disturbing read at a panel I was attending at WorldCon, and when I went looking I found, as you said, that it’s sold out. Would you consider parting with one of the ARCs you mention in your above comment, if you still have any?

    Love and coffee,

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