Still Life

October 12th, 1999 • Posted in Novellas |

Availability:-  The book is available as either a limited signed Hardback Edition of 125 copies  or a paperback edition of 100 copies.  You can order direct from Spectral Press here.



Jenni’s husband was part of the Road of Souls––his flesh swarmed by ants and pecked by rooks, bones crushed to powder by wheels of dread––and yet she still saw him in the pool.

 The incursion has been and gone, the war is over, and the enemy is in the land, remote and ambiguous.  The village outskirts are guarded by vicious beasts, making escape impossible.  The village itself is controlled by the Finks, human servants to the enemy––brutal, callous, almost untouchable. 

Everything is less than it was before… time seems to move slower, the population is much denuded, and life itself seems to hold little purpose.  This is not living, it’s existing.

But in a subjugated population, there is always resistance. 

For Jenni, the happiest part of this new life is visiting the pool in the woods, seeing her dead husband within, and sharing memories of happier times.  It calms her and makes her feel alive.

But the resistance comes to her for help. 

And when her dead husband tells her it is time to fight, Jenni’s life is destined for a shattering change. 

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5 comments on “Still Life”

  1. Jim Harned says:

    Hello Tim,

    We need this out on the Kindle. There is no other way to read it.



  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Jim, I’ll look into it! I have the rights now, so it should be doable. When I have a bit of time 🙂

  3. Jim Harned says:

    That would be great Tim. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Jim Harned says:

    I guess you have been busy. I won’t give up even if I am the only person asking for it. Any chance for Still Life soon?


  5. Josh Mitchell says:

    I’m also hoping to read it! If it’s not going to be collected eventually, an ebook would be great.

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