Naming of Parts

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Naming of Parts - Tim LebbonPublished: PS Publishing, 2000



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This novella is collected in Borrowed Time, also from PS Publishing.

A novella that was published in limited hardback and paperback formats, with an introduction by Steve Rasnic Tem and a wonderful cover by Alan M Clark. This is the first in a series of four linked novellas from PS Publishing.

Pete Crowther asked me to try a novella for his PS imprint. I already had a vague story in mind, of a family having to cross a changing and increasingly inimical landscape to reach an estranged family member. That landscape became the British countryside, and the thing threatening everything emerged as the living dead. But I wanted to take this far past the usual zombie-fest. Why can’t grass be living dead, I figured, and trees, and foxes and badgers and anything that was once alive? So, for a while, it was.

The ‘naming of parts’ referred to in the title is the main protagonist’s way of confronting his fears by naming them, analysing them, laying them out to view. After writing the novella I tried this when I visited the dentist. It worked. Sort of. I suppose some fears are beyond naming…


“Lebbon is the real thing. He’s going to be major.” – Steve Rasnic Tem

“Deceptively simple, yet containing a revelatory thought on nearly every page – brilliant.” – D.F. Lewis

“A subtle and disturbing exploration of coming to terms with fear.” – Mike O’Driscoll

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