Dead Man’s Hand

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Dead Man's Hand - Tim LebbonPublished: Necessary Evil Press 2004


  • Limited Edition Pb (publisher sold out; try specialist dealers)
  • Lettered Edition Cased Hb (publisher sold out; try specialist dealers)

Dead Man’s Hand is the first in the Assassin Series from Necessary Evil Press. It follows two characters – Temple, a supernatural assassin, and Gabriel, the tortured man on his trail – as they enter the wild west town of Deadwood. Wild Bill Hickok is in town … and Temple is here to kill him. But not if Gabriel can reach him first.



“…the world of Deadwood seems well-invoked, and the characters play their roles with the resounding gravity of Fate and Destiny and the Plans of Unknown Architects. In other words, it’s pretty damn fun to make Temple’s acquaintance!’ – William D Gagliani

“Lebbon marvelously captures the feel of the Old West, yet injects it with his own unique blend of twisted reality that brings it to life like no writer before.” – Joseph Nassise, author of Riverwatch

“Dead Man’s Hand, a magnificent gem from one of the rising greats, is not meant to be passed up” – Jonathan Reitan, Shocklines

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