A Whisper of Southern Lights

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A Whisper of Southern Lights - Tim LebbonPublished: Necessary Evil Press, December 2007


  • Limited Edition Pb, direct from the publisher

In the Hell of World War Two, in the grisly chaos and ruin of Singapore, Gabriel at last sees a chance to discover more about the origins of Temple, and the demon’s sinister purpose… and perhaps a way to finally put an end to Temple’s existence and the carnage that follows him like a shadow.

But Fate is a playful watcher, and war has always been Temple’s playground.

As Gabriel and Temple face each other once again, this time in the sweltering Asian jungles that drip pain and blood, a weary soldier finds himself the pawn in their endless game of death. What he knows and does may change the teetering balance of their timeless conflict…and the fate of the whole world.



“… it’s done what all great stories should: transported you for that small amount of time out of your everyday world and into a place where anything can happen. Lebbon’s work is, more often than not, that escape readers long for. And A Whisper of Southern Lights is just more proof that he’s an author worth paying attention to.” – SF Reader.

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