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Publisher: Cemetery Dance hardback, 2010

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Currently on sale at PS Publishing

A huge collection, cover by the very excellent Les Edwards, collecting my best short fiction between 2000 and 2006 (watch out for a PS Publishing collection next year collecting fiction from 2006 to the present, including the award-winning and very hard to find The Reach of Children…)

Included here is an original novelette, The Evolutionary, and a brand new novella, Nothing HeavenlyPay the Ghost is here too (soon to be a major movie), as well as Kissing at Shadows, The Horror of the Many Faces, Body, and many others.  And to top it all off, the very excellent Joe Lansdale provides a wonderful introduction.

“I highly recommend this collection. It’s an absolute must for fans of the author’s work, and a fantastic introduction and overview for those who have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing his unique and powerful visions of things we know…and more importantly, the things we don’t know, or are afraid to know about ourselves.” – Brian Keene

“During a 15-year career, award-winning horror author Lebbon has received many alms of praise. But perhaps none are more emphatic than the words of genre colleague Joe R. Lansdale, who, in introducing this collection, calls Lebbon a “magical and damned great writer.” The 19 tales sumptuously showcased here make a compelling case that Lansdale is right on target. In the title story, a despondent alcoholic learns the whereabouts of his long-lost daughter from a series of portrait paintings that transfer intimate moments from the lives of their subjects. The father of an abducted child in “Pay the Ghost” comes face-to-face with the ghoul behind the abduction on a genuinely haunting Halloween night. “Old Light” recounts the fate of a man given an ancient torchlight that shines on a sometimes unwelcome future. Lebbon’s prodigious gifts include a compelling narrative voice and an uncanny understanding of the human psyche. This first-rate collection is guaranteed to win new fans and provide older ones with much to savor.”

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2 comments on “LAST EXIT FOR THE LOST”

  1. Mike says:

    I just ordered this massive collection and can’t wait until it arrives. I’ve loved all of the books I’ve read by you.

    I have to tell you that I consider the amazing Exorcising Angels, written by yourself along with Simon Clark, to be one of the best novellas I’ve ever read. It turned me into an Arthur Machen fan, and opened my mind up to a different kind of writing that I’d never experienced before.

    Excellent work.

    Stay well, and don’t stop writing!

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Hope you like this one too! It really is a massive collection, a really beautiful book. And there’ll be another collection from PS publishing soon!

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