Faith in the Flesh

October 11th, 1999 • Posted in Collections |

Faith in the Flesh - Tim LebbonPublished: Razorblade Press, 1998


A volume of two novellas: The First Law and From Bad Flesh. Runner-up in the Best Collection category of the British Fantasy Awards 1999.

From Bad Flesh is still the most intense writing experience of my life. I started it on a Thursday evening and finished it on the Saturday evening, and I still have no idea where it came from. Unplanned, unplotted (some would say it shows), if ever I have to chose something of my own that “wrote itself”, this is it.

The First Law, in contrast, is something I’d been wanting to write for quite some time. The story of an island that is totally alien, utterly removed from the rest of the world, dismissive of man’s influence and Godless … and what happens when some people are shipwrecked on its shores. It’s not a nice place, believe me. The island doesn’t want them there.


“There is nowhere to hide in this book. Nowhere to catch your breath. Nowhere to duck out of the literary storm conjured by Lebbon.” – Peter Crowther

“Lebbon never disappoints. His consistently first-rate stories crackle with invention and surprises galore.” – Simon Clark

“Both stories are a compelling and skilful mixture of science fiction, fantasy and horror, and this book marks Lebbon out as very much an author to watch.” – SFX, rated ‘A’

“…a superb read from beginning to end… Lebbon has both the talent and audacity to pull off some startling feats of literary world-building…” – Shivers

“… Lebbon isn’t scared to take chances in tackling such unique stories in today’s increasingly predictable marketplace.” – Masters of Terror

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