As the Sun Goes Down

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As The Sun Goes Down - Tim LebbonPublished: Night Shade Books, 2000


A hardback short story collection. Contains over 90,000 words of fiction, including a novella “The Unfortunate”. Also has an introduction by Ramsey Campbell and a cover by Alan M Clark.

I met Jason Williams at the 2000 World Horror Convention in Denver. We were soon onto the subject of collections and I came away pleased that Jason seemed quite interested in seeing some of my work. Five days later he rang me and insisted on seeing some, and that’s how this collection came about.

All but two of the stories were already written, although several of them were still originals. The novella in this collection, “The Unfortunate”, was written specially for this volume. It’s one of the darker pieces of writing I’ve ever attempted (and those who know my work will understand this to mean it’s as grim as Hell), but I also think it’s one of the best tales I’ve ever written. It’s nasty, but it’s my exploration of the idea that bad, bad things happen to essentially good people all the time.



“…the darker moments of life are central to Lebbon’s work. Few writers can plumb the depths of these moments with his sensitivity and unflinching frankness.’ – Lisa DuMond: SF Site,

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