Borrowed Time

October 12th, 1999 • Posted in Library, Novellas |

Publisher: PS Publishing

Paperback out now, order from:-

PS Publishing

Borrowed Time is a collection of three novellas that together comprise the Apocalypse Trilogy.

Naming of Parts . . . a young Jack and his family flee the zombie plague to find his sister, but it’s not only people who are rising from the dead.

Changing of Faces . . . were-creatures attack a beached cruise liner, the one place that Jack dares call home.

Shifting of Veils . . .the world has moved on. Mad, murderous wraiths haunt the overgrown towns. And Jack must embark on a final desperate journey to reunite his family.

It comes with a new intro by Tim and new, short connecting pieces between the novellas.

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  1. Charlie Gainey says:

    Where am i able to purchase and download this to iBooks? I cant find it on any apple website.



  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Here’s the ebook link from the publisher, does that help? I’m afraid I don’t use ebooks myself so I’m not sure of all the formats…

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