Blood of the Four extract, review, interview and signing news

March 9th, 2018 • Posted in Book News, Extracts |

Blood of the Four has hit the streets in the US, however if you have yet to get a copy, or are not in the US then you can read an extract from the novel over at the Nerdist website here.

You can read a review (with mild spoilers) at the Barnes and Noble blog.

Meanwhile there is an interview with Tim and Chris about Blood of the Four at

If you are in the US you can get your copy signed by Chris at “The Castle: A board game café” in Massachusetts on March 15th (then stay and play board games).  Information here.

Those of us in the UK though should not feel left out as on June 5th Tim and Chris will be signing at Forbidden Planet in London.  Details here.

Finally if you have finished the book already, or have still got a month to wait until it is released, then fear not because “The Folded Land” is out on March 20th and you can read an extract of that over at the Ginger Nuts of Horror site.


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