DUSK is my very first dark fantasy novel, and winner of the August Derleth (British Fantasy) Award for Best Novel!

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Here are some fantastic blurbs and reviews of the novel:

An exquisitely written, unique world is revealed in this novel, a world inhabited by flesh and blood people rendered with often brutal honesty and clarity of vision. It’s rare indeed to witness the conventions of fantasy so thoroughly grabbed by the throat and shaken awake the way Tim Lebbon has done with Dusk. Even more enticing, this first novel in the series concludes with a jaw-dropping finale, and for what it’s worth, such a reaction from me is not a common occurrence.” – Steven Erikson, author of The Malazan Book of the Fallen series

Lebbon has a way of throwing staggering images at you which you almost have to pause and think about before you can fully grasp. This is fantasy for grown-ups – and the ending made my jaw drop. This is an excellent book.” – Paul Kearney, author of The Mark of Ran

Dusk is a deliciously dark and daring fantasy novel, proof of a startling imagination at work. Lebbon’s writing is a twisted spiral of cunning, compassion, and cruelty.” – Christopher Golden, author of The Veil

Dusk is dark, twisted and visceral, with a very shocking sting in the tail – the perfect jolt for anyone jaded by the creaking shelves of cuddly, rent-an-elf fantasy.  Tim Lebbon is an important new voice in the fantasy field.  Bring on the night!” – Mark Chadbourn, author of The Age of Misrule and The Dark Age

Tim Lebbon is a master of fantasy and horror, and his visions make for disturbing and compelling reading.” – Douglas Clegg, author of The Priest of Blood

A gripping and visceral dark fantasy of five fugitives in flight from terrifying pursuers through a decaying world brutalized by the Cataclysmic War. In Dusk, Tim Lebbon has etched a powerful new version/telling of the traditional magical quest, whose tortured twists and turns will (alternately) disturb and electrify its readers.” – Sarah Ash, author of Prisoner of the Iron Tower

Tim Lebbon writes with a pen dipped in the dark stuff of nightmare. The world he creates is eerie, brutal and complex, and the story abounds with action and menace.” – K.J. Bishop, the author of The Etched City

“A Riveting Work of Staggering Imagination.”   – F. Paul Wilson


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