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Tom’s son died ten years ago… so they say. Killed in a military training accident on Salisbury Plain and sent home in a sealed coffin. But when Tom gets wind that there was more to the accident than was first revealed, his suspicions are aroused once more.

There are no such things as monsters… so they say. Why then, when Tom finds and excavates a mass grave on the Plain, does he find skeletons that are far from human? Headless, distorted … and chained together.

Death is the end… so they say. But ‘they’ so often lie. And when one of these strange chained skeletons – a child – grabs hold of his arm, his world suddenly changes. Because death is not the end. Sometimes, it’s just the beginning.

Here are some great blurbs for this novel…

Berserk is a mysterious and moody novel that packs a hell of an emotional wallop. Murder, monsters, and mayhem – Lebbon takes them all to the max! Lebbon is one of the most compulsively readable writers working in the dark fantasy field today.” – Tom Piccirilli

“Tim Lebbon is a master of fantasy and horror, and his visions make for disturbing and compelling reading.” – Douglas Clegg

“An absolutely thrilling read that hurtles along at a breakneck and terrifying speed. Berserk is everything the title promises it to be. This is can’t-put-down fiction at it’s best.” – Brian Keene

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