2012 … looking back (and forward)

January 1st, 2013 • Posted in Book News, Movie News, Random Stuff |

Happy New Year!

So, 2012.  It was an exciting year for me in many ways, with ups and a couple of downs.  I had several books published, parted ways with two publishers, and I’m about to sign an exciting deal with a new publisher.  I had books published to great reaction, but I also came to learn that publishers are becoming even more cautious.

We live in interesting time, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

2012 saw publication of my novelisation of The Cabin in the Woods, as well as my novels Coldbrook, The Heretic Land, and Toxic City Book One: London Eye.  My collection Nothing as it seems was also released from PS Publishing.  And The Secret Journeys of Jack London: The Sea Wolves (written with Christopher Golden) was published in the USA by HarperCollins.  I’m really proud of all of these books, and it was a thrill to see so many books hitting the shelves in one year.  Coldbrook seemed to make a bit of a splash.  And the Toxic City trilogy is even now in development at ABC Network as a TV series (and more on that soon).

All in all, a great year.  And though it also had its downs, 2012 ended with an exciting new deal being agreed for a novel I’m extremely excited about writing.  That novel is The Silence, and I’ll be able to tell you more about that very, very soon.

So what does 2013 have in store?  As well as The Silence, Toxic City Book Two: Reaper’s Legacy will be published.  And then there’s my very exciting Star Wars novel Into the Void: Dawn of the Jedi, due to be published in May.  Can’t wait for that!  And I’m also thrilled that I’ll be attending my first Star Wars convention at the National Space Centre.  I’ll be writing a novella for Spectral Publications (tentative title Still Life), as well as a long-awaited third novella in the Naming of Parts/Changing of Faces trilogy for PS Publishing.  And there are other exciting projects in the pipeline which I’ll talk about more here as and when I can.

Oh, and I’ll also be training for and racing the single most challenging one-day endurance event in the world … Ironman UK.  I talk about that and more on my website RunWalkCrawl.  Madness.  But in a good way.

A big thanks to all of you who continue to read and enjoy my work.  Without you I wouldn’t be doing this, and I’m grateful.  If you read my books and enjoy them, do drop me a line.  It’s always good to hear from you.

I’ll do my best to update this blog more frequently during 2013.  Meanwhile, I’d like to wish you all a happy, fruitful, and safe 2013.



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Six Years

November 30th, 2012 • Posted in Random Stuff |

I’ve been a full-time writer for exactly six years, making a living out of what I love doing.  It feels like a lot more.

I was at my previous job for about 20 years before finally taking the plunge, quitting, and saying goodbye to that depressing bloody office block (but also saying goodbye to lots of friends I’d had for years).  I’ve been back to that office a couple of times since, and of course I keep up with as many friends from those times as I can.

The office is due for demolition soon.  I’ll be selling tickets to watch it.

That last day in work — six years ago today, though it seems much longer — was a good one.  I walked the offices to say goodbye, and the good wishes I had from everyone were so lovely, as were the bottles of wine and whisky that seemed to be the normal leaving present.  Good times.  Fond memories.

But these last six years have felt like my real life.  I love writing (correction – usually, I love having written), telling stories, and yes, I love seeing my work published and the reaction it gets.  So a huge thank you to everyone who continues to read my work, and buy my books in paper or e-formats.  Please keep buying, and I’ll keep writing.

This past year has had its ups and downs (though in truth, more ups).  I’ve had several books published, and the reaction to all of them has been fantastic.  I’ve parted ways with publishers.  I’ve seen a book series go into development with ABC Network for a TV series.  And there’s more exciting publishing news I’ll be able to announce soon.

I’ve continued to work with some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  And outside of writing, I’m watching my kids growing up into fine young people, and I’ve committed to doing an Ironman race next year.

So to mark the sixth anniversary of my last day in council employment …. I’m going to spend the day writing.



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REVIEWS – a favour

October 29th, 2012 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Here’s me asking for a little favour…

If you read any of my latest books — Coldbrook, London Eye, The Heretic Land, Nothing as it Seems — and feel so inclined, it’d be so helpful if you could take a minute to post a review somewhere (Amazon, other book retailers, your blog…)  Or if not a review, at least a mention on Facebook or Twitter.  Exposure helps sales, and sales helps me to write more books.  And if you’re visiting this site and reading this, I hope that’s something you might like.

Coldbrook is being very well received so far, with great feedback from readers and some stellar reviews.  And as for London Eye … that exciting news I promised will be coming soon.

Thanks!  Happy Hallowe’en!

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Interviews, kingfishers, and other stuff…

October 19th, 2012 • Posted in Random Stuff, Reviews & Interviews |

Here’s a nice new interview with me on My Bookish Ways.

And a very nice new review of LONDON EYE.

Been running along the canal a lot recently, and this last week I’ve seen a kingfisher a couple of times.  Not often I seen one of those.  It’s a beautiful bird, coloured like a splash of oil on water, and it made me realise — once again — just what a lovely place I live in.  I’m going to start taking pictures and posting them here.

Anyone interested in following my efforts to get fit in my forties and train for Ironman UK next year can read it all here.

More news coming soon … watch this space for something very exciting!

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LONDON EYE – reviews

October 16th, 2012 • Posted in Book News, Random Stuff |

Busy Busy here in Lebbonville, as I’m delivering my new STAR WARS novel today.  But while the usual chaos is going on in the house –– pre-school, pre-work –– I thought I’d gather together some of the many great LONDON EYE reviews that have been coming in (just click on the links below).  Oh, and watch this space for some very exciting news about the London Eye trilogy soon…!

RT Book Reviews

All Things Urban Fantasy

Elitist Book Reviews

Night Owl SciFi


Astro Guyz




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COLDBROOK competition winner

October 11th, 2012 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Winner of the COLDROOK pre-order competition is Jason Crawford!  Congrats … a box of books on its way to you soon.

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COLDBROOK pre-order competition … win books!

October 5th, 2012 • Posted in Random Stuff |

My new apocalyptic zombie thriller COLDBROOK is officially released in the UK by Hammer/Arrow on Thursday 11th October.

If you pre-order COLDBROOK before midnight on 10th October, let me know at lebbon1984(at)yahoo(dot)com, and I’ll enter you in a draw to win a BIG BOX OF BOOKS.  Go here and click on Buying Options to select from a whole list of online suppliers.  If you’ve already pre-ordered let me know at the above address and you’ll go into the draw.

No need to send proof of purchase … I’m working this one on trust.

The BIG BOX will include a selection of my books including: Echo City (Orbit, pb), The Secret Journeys of Jack London: The Wild (with Christopher Golden, hardback); The Secret Journeys of Jack London: The Sea Wolves (also with Chris, hardback);  The Island (A&B, pb), Bar None (Night Shade, pb), The Cabin in the Woods (novelisation, pb) … and a couple of surprises!  What a bunch of goodies…

Starburst Magazine said of COLDBROOK:

“Coldbrook is a heart pounding, blood drenched, yet intelligent and original take on the undead. It successfully blends the horror, fantasy and science fiction elements into an utterly compelling and satisfying story that stays with you after the book is finished. Zombie stories don’t get much better than this. 8/10”

So just pre-order anywhere here, let me know (lebbon1984(at)yahoo(dot)com), and go into a draw to win all those books listed above … and more!  Open to anyone in the world.

Winner will be announced on 11th October!




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Want to review COLDBROOK?

October 3rd, 2012 • Posted in Random Stuff |

If you’d like to review my new novel COLDBROOK just drop me an email:

lebbon1984 (at) yahoo (dot) com

… with your name, address, and details of where you’d post the review (magazine, blog, etc).  I’ll then pass the information on to my very excellent publisher.

And if you’ve already bought or read it, please do consider posting a review somewhere online!

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September 24th, 2012 • Posted in Book News, Random Stuff |

The weekend fast approaches!  Fantasycon seems to have crept up on me this year, even though I’m Master of Ceremonies so I’ve been thinking about it all summer!

For now, here’s my schedule:


Welcome to Fantasycon party, 7pm, Bar Rogue


4pm panel, Your First Convention

5pm book launch, PS launches my new collection NOTHING AS IT SEEMS, Bar Rogue

8-9:30pm, mass signing


3pm panel, What happens when the YA bubbles bursts?

4-5PM, Best New Horror book launch and signing

5pm – reading

8pm – ChiZine launch

Sunday: Banquet and Awards

Going to be a busy one!  I’m hoping to squeeze in a run or two, and of course drinks and meals with friends.  Fantasycon’s always a highlight of the year for me, and I’m really looking forward to this one.  My books THE HERETIC LAND and (soon to be released) COLDBROOK will be available at the Forbidden Planet table, as well as the new collection NOTHING AS IT SEEMS from the mighty PS Publishing. It’s going to be fun!

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Happy Birthday old fella

July 28th, 2012 • Posted in Random Stuff |

 Happy Birthday to Tim

Happy Birthday to Tim

Happy Birthday to Timmmmmm

Happy Birthday to Tim




From the rest of the crew at Lebbon.net Happy Birthday.

Feel free to leave your Birthday comments to Tim below.

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