They’re here

April 28th, 2016 • Posted in Book News |

The Invasion has arrived, and the Audible Aliens have crawled out of the shadows (and the ventilation shafts).

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6 comments on “They’re here”

  1. Quen says:

    You have done it again sir. Great job with invasion!!! I loved it.. Now hurry up and give me the Armageddon.

  2. Kirill says:

    Hello, Tim!
    I’m your Russian fan, nad i’ve read your “Alien: From shadows” and “Predator: Incursion”(i am sorry if names are incorrect, i dont know books’ russian translate). They are beautiful! And I am waiting for “Alien:Invasion” on russian. Do you know, when will book published? Thanks for your beautiful books again. Only in “Alien:From shadows” was one minus. How man has killed alien with acid!? It is impossible! Please, write me.

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks Kirill, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the alien & predator books! Last one is out soon. Please do check out some of my other work, too — try The Silence, or The Hunt.

  4. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks! Armageddon is on the way…

  5. Dave says:

    I just ordered Armageddon, but am now reading Invasion. WOW!! This book/trilogy is the best!! Easily my favorite Alien/Predator stories (and I have read them all). After reading The Silence last month I have to say you are turning into one of my fav writers! Thanks for the GREAT stories!

  6. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks Dave!

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