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My wife and I finished watching the final season of THE SHIELD on the weekend, and I’m still reeling.  Never has a TV programme possessed me so completely.  I was utterly invested in the fate of these characters, and the final 3 episodes especially were emotionally draining and beautifully crafted.  I’ll post something more detailed about it here soon … but siffice to say, I think it’s the best TV ever.

Off to London tomorrow for a couple of days with my wife, then upon my return it’s back to work doing revisions on CALLS OF THE WILD (The Secret Journeys of Jack London – Book One) for Harper in the USA … a collaboration with the very excellent Christopher Golden.

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  1. Glen Krisch says:

    The wife and I just started watching the final season on dvd (we don’t have TV). I’m torn. I want to tear through it quickly, but also savor it as I go. I don’t want it to end. Seems like all my favorite shows are going away: Deadwood, BSG, The Shield…

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