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Publication date September 2008

Due to the publisher Humdrumming’s recent demise, this Limited Edition Hardback is now available direct from the author. Send me an email if you’re interested: lebbon1984(at)yahoo(dot)com

Publication price was £25.00, but I’m selling for:

  • UK – £16.00 (this includes postage)
  • USA – $32.00 (this includes air mail postage)
  • Elsewhere – email for details

I’d prefer Paypal, but I’ll take UK cheques as well (no US cheques, sorry). Just email for details.

This is set to become the rarest of my books ever published. Humdrumming only printed 150 copies, and I have the majority of those in my possession.

It comes with dust cover (see image), separate artwork on the hardcover, a wonderful introduction by Michael Marshall Smith, and and Afterword by me.  Here’s a brief blurb about the book:

Daniel is ten years old when his mother dies. She dies young, and with so much left to give. He does not understand. He cannot let her go.

After the funeral, his father begins talking to a large wooden box that suddenly appears beneath his bed. And when Daniel whispers to the box one day when his father goes out … it answers back.

It’s a voice he does not know. But this voice knows so much.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever written, and I’m upset at what’s happened to the novella.  I desperately want people to read this book … so if you’re interested, please do contact me.  There are no current plans for any future print publication of the novella, so this is going to be an ultra-rare edition.

Don’t just take my word for it …

“Lebbon has written one of the best and most emotionally convincing stories about death that I have ever read” – Michael Marshall Smith

“…a precisely written and moving account of love and redemption” – Black Static

“…emotional and thought-provoking…” – Interzone

“With The Reach of Children, (Lebbon) has exceeded even his former astounding works.” – Horror World

“This is an important book, it will win things.  This is a given. More importantly though – and I honestly think Lebbon would share my opinion on this – this is a book that people will get evangelical about.  They will insist their friends read it.  They will get increasingly frustrated by people who claim to have not had the time or the money.” – The Hub

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4 comments on “The Reach of Children – buy it here!”

  1. Rob Shearman says:

    ‘Reach of Children’ is absolutely superb – thoughtful, very moving, and not a little chilling. One of my favourite reads of the year!

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Rob, thank you. That means a lot! At least three pints, by my calculation.

  3. Jorge Guerrero says:

    I’m interested in “The Reach of Children” book.
    I’m leaving in Monterrey, México.
    What would be the total price for the book? (S&H included)

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Tim Lebbon says:

    Hi Jorge … thanks for you interest, but I’m afraid the book’s long sold-out. Rest assured, though, that the story will appear elsewhere someday, in a collection or another format.

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