The laughter, the tears, and El Diablo Catering Services – Fantasycon 2009 Report

September 21st, 2009 • Posted in Book News, Random Stuff |

Come and gone in a flash, Fantasycon 2009 will live with me for a long time.  It was the usual mix of meeting old friends and chating as if you saw them last week, not last year … meeting and making new friends, and feeling as if you’ve known them for years (Hi Mark, Anna, Rio, Bill, Catherine, Gary U, Julian, John, and a dozen more) … chatting with people at the bar without even asking their name and getting their contact deails, and knowing it’ll be a year before you get to catch up again (the guy with the new fantasy book, the two young ladies who recently lost their mother) … drinking too much too soon and trying to battle on anyway … buying too many books, spending too much money, talking too much, sleeping too little, doing business drunk at 2 in the morning …

Ahhh, Fantasycon.  And this was a great one.

I won a British Fantasy Award for Best Novella for THE REACH OF CHILDREN, which was absolutely wonderful.  My fourth British Fantasy Award, if ever there was one I was shortlisted for that I wanted to win, it was this one.  Anyone who’s read the novella will know why.  Thanks to everyone who voted.  And sorry for the couple of people I made cry with my speech (this time I think because it was a little moving and a little personal, not so crap like the one I made for DUSK two years ago).  A major congrats to all the other winners, especially Sarah Pinborough, and Joseph D’Lacey for winning Best Newcomer.  Though I still think it should have gone to Ramsey Campbell.  You can see the list of winners here.

The banquet …… ahhh, that was fun.  The last couple of years the food has increased dramatically in quality from toxic shite to barely-palatable-if-there’s-not-a-McDonald’s-around (and McDonald’s barely registers as foodstuff in my mind).  This year it reached new levels of disgustingness that I’m not sure actually exist on our plane of existence.  The soup was passable, but the main course was the devil’s shite.  Ed Diablo Catering Services must have visited the building.  At least I had great company on my table, and freeflowing wine, and little bottles full of bubbles.   Most of us had a go inhaling helium from the balloons and talking in a funny voice, but when Sarah Pinborough tried she sounded just the same.  Oh well.

I spent most of my time chatting, meeting people, doing a bit of business, chatting some more, drinking, eating, and chatting some more.  I didn’t go to any panels (apart from the midnight panel I was on with Mark Morris, Nick Royle, Conrad Williams, Steve Volk and Simon R Green … but probably the less said about that the better), but I did thoroughly enjoy John Lenahan‘s stand-up/magic show after the awards.  A very funny guy, great company (we had a good chat at the bar before and after the awards), and also the author of new novel Shadowmagic.

Right … it’s time to get back to work.  Fantasycon is fading into the past quickly, as it always does.  But there’s always next year.

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8 comments on “The laughter, the tears, and El Diablo Catering Services – Fantasycon 2009 Report”

  1. Damon Lord says:

    My heartfelt congratulations to you and the other winners! May your career go from strength to strength!

  2. Lou RIddell says:

    Congratulations, definitely! I’m also sorry about Ramsey Campbell – I enjoy his work (reading Silent Children at the moment). A very entertaining piece, and I hope enough people complain so that the food reaches edible levels in the future…nice that you had something to drink though 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve always wondered what goes on at Fantasycon…

    Best wishes – I’ve not read The Reach Of Children but I plan on it!

    Lou Riddell
    Maplewood, MN, USA

  3. Jeff Coffield says:

    Congratulations on your BFS win for Reach of Children. Well-deserved for a superb yet subtle story.

  4. Tim Love says:

    Well done Tim. Sorry I couldn’t be there this year, see you in Brighton.


  5. Darren says:

    Brilliant, well done Tim and definitely deserved!

  6. Jeff Prettyman says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a better guy! (or a better story) Conratulations, Tim! I’m raising a pint of Fullers Porter in your hono(u)r.

  7. Steve Volk says:

    I think Tim was joking about Ramsey being “Best Newcomer”!

  8. Tim Lebbon says:

    No, really, I think he shows great potential.

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