The Folded Land – release and blog tour

March 19th, 2018 • Posted in Book News |

Tim’s 42nd published novel – The Folded Land – is due to hit bookshops tomorrow (though a few sightings have already reached Lebbon Towers so you might be reading it already).

To celebrate the launch Tim is doing a blog tour, which started today over at The Ginger Nuts of Horror site.  The rest of the stops are shown below and I’ll put direct links to each stop every few days.

Click the cover for details of where to order, and to read an extract.

There will be a book launch for both Blood of the Four and The Folded Land at the Foxhunter Inn, Nantyderry, on Saturday March 31st at 4pm onwards! It’s a fine pub with good ales and nice food.


In the dark underbelly of our world, there’s a black market in arcane things living and dead. Angela Gough has been pulled into this world, making her a criminal on the run.

In London she encountered the Kin – satyrs and centaurs, Nephilim and wraiths, they are hunted and slaughtered for their body parts. Fleeing back to the United States, Angela discovers that the Kin are everywhere, and they are tired of being prey.

When her niece Sammi is struck by lightning, she is drawn toward the mysterious Folded Land, and its powerful and deadly ruler. Helped by her lover Vince, caught in the midst of a Kin uprising, Angela must locate Sammi before the girl is lost forever.

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  1. Scott Conroe says:

    Got it last week, read it in two days, loved it. Now I’ll have to wait for the third book. But I can do that; I did it with the Passage, Niceville and Magicians trilogies.

    Even better, I live not far from the landscape where this story mostly takes place.

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