New Book, and I Fought The Law and the Law Won

January 9th, 2009 • Posted in Book News, Random Stuff |

I received my advance copies of The Map of Moments today, the dark fantasy novel I’ve written with my most excellent collaborator Christopher Golden.  The book looks fabulous, is attracting some great reviews, has already attracted some movie interest, and goes on sale at the end of the month.  But pre-orders are Very Good Things, so if you’re interested pop along to your local bookseller and put in a request.  Or order it on amazon.

Had a nice New Year’s present from Gwent Police – a speeding ticket!  Haven’t heard how much I’ll be fined yet, but it’s three points on the licence.  Good job they haven’t got any real criminals to catch grumble grr.

It’s been a good week workwise.  I’m well into my new novel ECHO CITY FALLS, having a great time with it – though today it took a three mile run for me to think myself out of a corner I’d successfully written myself into (no mean feat for a post-Christmas fat bastard like me) – and I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  That’s an exciting part of any novel writing project for me … I produce a detailed synopsis to set up the deal with the publisher, then when I’m writing that often gets defenestrated at the first plot turn.  And I always look forward to seeing what happens at the end!

Have a great weekend!  Sometime over the weekend I’ll be posting a new Recommendation or two for you.  Watch this space!

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