INTO THE VOID – Star Wars (Dawn of the Jedi)

May 2nd, 2013 • Posted in Book News |

The time’s almost here … next Tuesday is official release date for my first Star Wars novel, and the promo machine is marching ahead full-Force (see what I did there).  I really wish release date had been May 4th (Star Wars day!), but never mind.  It’s very, very exciting.

Look what I had delivered yesterday.

And when I opened the book and read this (right), I had a genuine shiver-down-the-spine moment.  That 8 year old who stared in wonder at that big screen in 1977 could have never believed that one day he’d be writing a novel set in that universe.

At present I’m undertaking a series of interviews and podcasts, all of which I’ll post links to as and when they happen.  Here are a couple to get started! did a nice feature and an exclusive extract.

I did a guest post for Amazon’s Kindle Daily Post.

And here’s the first of several podcasts, this one Forcecast (my interview starts at 41 minutes).

Lots, lots more soon!



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