HUSH …again!

February 23rd, 2012 • Posted in Book News |

Many moons ago, Gavin Williams and I wrote a novel called HUSH.  Razorblade Press published it in a font so small it could hardly be read, but with a beautiful cover by the very excellent Chris Nurse.  Then it went out of print.

Now, you can buy it again for you Kindle.

Here’s the USA link.

Here’s the UK link.

Check it out …. and please let us know what you think!

“With HUSH, Tim Lebbon and Gavin Williams deliver a chillingly horrific tour-de-force that is at the cutting edge of the genre… A masterfully written book… HUSH is, quite simply, a modern masterpiece.” – Brian Keene, author of TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME and TEQUILA’s SUNRISE.

“HUSH weaves a bizarre narrative filled to bursting with paranoia and rife with heart-pounding madness. There are twisted visions here that will get inside your heart to root and flourish.” – Tom Piccirilli, author of EVERY SHALLOW CUT and THE COLDEST MILE.

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2 comments on “HUSH …again!”

  1. Tim Love says:

    This is one of my favourite books of yours (and Gavin’s), everyone should read it. I’m almost tempted to buy a kindle to read it in large print! However there was a delirium hardcover that was easier to read and I have one of those tucked away somewhere.

    Tim, you also haven’t announced that a book that has been in the pipeline even longer than the CD best horror is now up for order. Duelling Minds is finally coming out, this time from CD. Has your story in that one been printed anywhere else (given the original was canned years back)?

  2. tim says:

    Tim, the story from Duelling Minds was printed in 2nd Humdrumming Book of Horror, then it appeared in Best New Horror.

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