Happy New Year

January 1st, 2009 • Posted in Book News, Random Stuff |

A big Happy New Year to you all!

I always love January.  Many people get depressed, but for me it’s everything back to normal (kids to school, and me back to the keyboard), and the onslaught of consumerism seems to fade off, just a little.  There’s still the Mega-Sales, of course, and holiday companies exhorting you to buy their packages, and supermarkets trying to sell you dieting products when they’ve spent the last three months trying to get you fat.  But generally for me, Janauary is calm.  January is good.

2009 is set to be a busy, exciting year for me.  There are lots of projects lined up, including my new huge fantasy novel ECHO CITY FALLS which I’ll be starting tomorrow.  I’ll also be working on the third Hidden Cities book with my mate Christopher Golden, as well as another novel later this year which I can’t announce just yet.

There’ll also be another novel released in my homeland – hoorah! – as well as an as-yet unannounced screenplay project.  In fact, lots of what I’m working on this year has yet to be announced, for various reasons (contracts not signed, or official announcement not yet released by publisher etc).  So please do watch this space, as over the next few weeks I’ll be revealing what they are.

There are also several books due this year, you can check here to catch up on what they are.  I hope you’ll take a chance and check them out – I’m very proud of all of them.

2008 was a difficult year for almost everyone, and 2009 looks set to be worse in many ways.  Here’s hoping that we can weather the storm.  As for me … all I can do to to sit down and write, so after another day off today – a long walk up the mountain, having a nice (healthy) meal later this afternoon, and reading – it’ll be back to the keyboard.

I can’t wait.

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