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Just a quick update on the new fantasy novel I’m working on, ECHO CITY FALLS.  This is a standalone novel, not a Noreela book, and I’m at the halfway stage (and any writer will tell you, that can sometimes be a difficult part of a book …)

I’ve had some difficult moments, but generally it’s going well, and I’m particularly pleased with the scene I wrote today in which a massively fat woman eats a bat.  Oh yes.  There are reasons, believe me … it wasn’t just that she was hungry.

More updates coming soon, including news concerning a couple of my books that have been under opton for a while.

Meantime … we’re waiting for more snow.  Horrah!  I see no one commented on my snowman, you must have all thought it was shite!  So here’s hoping I’ll have another one to show you tomorrow.

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One comment on “ECHO CITY FALLS”

  1. Jeff Coffield says:

    My mom always said if didn’t have anything nice to say….
    Beautiful snowman…pure artistic quality.

    Besides, I was distracted by the image of a fat woman eating a bat. Looking forwward to reading Echo City Falls.

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