Deat Set episode one: Verdict

October 28th, 2008 • Posted in Book News, Movie News, Random Stuff |

Well, what a great opening episode!  I read in one preview that Big Brother is beyond satire, and in a way I think that’s right.  But I also think that the Big Brother producers were either brave – or possibly stupid – to let this happen.  I’m delighted they did, of course … because it turned out to be a true horror movie, on TV!

One of the best moments was when the guest room, featuring – so my wife informs me – some of the ex-housemates from real life Big Brother – was invaded by zombies.  If only they hadn’t held back showing Chantelle having her throat ripped out, but ho hum, I guess that would have messed up her look for her next Hello! shoot.

Now if the Big Brother producers were really brave, and had a real handle of what the public wanted to see, we all know what they’d do for the next series, right?  Cut the cameras, silence the area, and drop just a small hint somewhere that the world had been taken over by zombies.  The smell of cooking meat wafting into the BB compound, perhaps.  Screaming.  Explosions.  And I’ll bet that at least some of the housemates would think it was real.

After all, they’ve seen it on the telly.

Really looking forward to seeing how this progresses, although I do fear that it’ll be all downhill from now.  Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong.

Writing updates: I’ve just finished a spec screenplay – a zombie movie, no less, that I’m very excited about.  It’s with my agent now, so we’ll see what happens …

And zombies seem to be in my life right now, because today I wrote the first draft of a zombie story.

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10 comments on “Deat Set episode one: Verdict”

  1. Rich says:

    Spot on Tim! I thought the first episode was an absolute blast. It was true horror movie thrills and spills on the small screen. Something I’ve been itching to see since I first glimpsed Dawn of the Dead (original). The idea of a zombie survival TV series is such a no brainer (pun intended) I’m amazed it has taken this long.

    Don’t know if your up on comics much, but if you like zombies then I can whole heartedly recommend The Walking Dead. It has some of the best character writing I’ve ever clapped eyes on and it’s all set to the background of a zombie apocalypse. There are about 8 graphic novels (50+ issues) and they are ideal for TV adaption.

    Anyway, look forward to hearing news of your screenplay and other projects.

    Is the zombie story taken from your dream the other day? Remember who gave you the idea, huh? 🙂

    Take it easy


  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Yeah, episode 2 was good too! They’ve moved beyond the BB set, which I thought they’d have to. Really quite impressed.

    Thanks for the Walking Dead tip! I’ve heard a lot about it, will try to pick it up sometime.

    And afraid not, the zombie story was something different! Although I do still like that idea …will file away for future reference.

  3. Matt Boyce says:

    Looking forward to the new Zombie work Tim, I especially liked the story that was in nasty snips called the beach and of course naming of parts.

    I have been waiting for more horror from you, I dont really go for fantasy books but this will be something to look forward to.

  4. Matt Boyce says:

    As for dead set I fell asleep before the first advert break due to me having a ten month old son who woke me up at four the previous morning, so I will have to catch that another time.

  5. Tim Lebbon says:

    Matt, thanks. Your wait might be over soon – Night Shade are publishing a new short horror novel called BAR NONE. Not sure of pub date yet, I’ll announce it here when I do.

    I’m looking forward to DEAD SET being released on DVD so I don’t have to watch all those stupid bloody adverts. ..

  6. Steve Volk says:

    Hey Rich. “No brainer?” Ha. You try pitching series ideas to TV commissioners. If it threatens to be a tad more “dark” than Heartbeat they start to have an embolism.

  7. Steve Volk says:

    And Tim, you can’t be writing ALL those things. Can’t. Can’t. Can’t. Unless you’re like that bloke in The Prestige who has 150 clones with typewriters in the basement. …Are you?

  8. Tim Lebbon says:

    Steve … that’s me … and me, and me. Today I’m working on a proposal for a dark crime novel. But then I have time, because I’m not jetting off on a jolly this weekend, am I?

  9. Darren says:

    I have to say i am rather surprised that this is better than i thought! Being Big Brother, i naturally had my doubts, zombies or not. But Im really into it. Has a 28 days later look to it im my opinion.

    Why will i never get bored of my favourite authors mentioning writing zombie material?! Great news! Although Im sure you are going to announce sometime soon that you are cracking on with the next installment of Naming of parts / Changing of faces….right? 🙂

  10. Tim Lebbon says:

    Darren … er …

    But yes, back to the zombies. The screenplay’s being read right now. so we’ll see what happens with that. And I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens tonight on DEAD SET.

    As for the PS novella series, I have every intention of getting back to it at some point, yes. One more novella, possibly two … we’ll see how it pans out.

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