Bugs incoming

April 25th, 2017 • Posted in Book News |

They’re all around us, again.

Tim has a story called “Spite” in this all new Anthology featuring the Colonial Marines in bloody conflict with the deadly Aliens.  ALIENS: BUG HUNT will send the marines into deep space, to alien worlds, to derelict space settlements, and into the nests of the universe’s most dangerous monsters.

The book is out now and you can buy it in various formats from Amazon UKAmazon US or the Book Depository.

Tim also has the following stories due out during this year:-

“In Stone” his spookiest tale for sometime will be in “Dark Cities” which is due out on May 16th.  Preorder from Amazon UK or Amazon US

“Strings” in “Adam’s Ladder”, a science fiction anthology due from Dark Regions Press later this year.

Tim also contributed to the mosaic novel “Indigo” due out in June.  More details nearer the publication date.

Finally anyone who still has to pick up a copy of “Shifting of the Veils” can pick up an unsigned hardcover from PS Publishing for £2 if you are quick, from their discount website here.  Stocks will be limited.




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One comment on “Bugs incoming”

  1. Christopher Winter says:

    Happy Alien Day to you.

    I’m a big Aliens fan the best stuff does come from the Expanded Universe. People may have complained about Ellen Ripley in your Out Of The Shadows story. Honestly take it from this real Aliens fan the series has evolved alot since Prometheus.

    I have read Aliens: Bug Hunt. I knew what to expect not always about the Xenos. I do have one big ask maybe you could drive with. How about a combined novel book for both Aliens: Stasis Interrupted & Aliens: Colonial Marines stories?

    I’m a huge fan of the video game had so much fun fighting around Hadley’s Hope. I’m fully aware Fire & Stone, River Of Pain and even Bug Hunt have all connected with the story now. I liked how Corporal Dwayne Hicks came back would love for a retake in book form. I certainly buy the book day one. This is to get people to give the game story a fair chance again.

    I love the characters in the game they ain’t copies I’m sure your aware. The Crusher, The Raven, Weyland-Yutani PMCs, Michael Bishop Weyland his gone unused across all the recent Aliens media. So much is going on in the backgrounds you can write over 300 pages no problems.

    Have a Good Day and thanks for taking your time to read.

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