British Invasion

January 31st, 2009 • Posted in Book News |

golden053This anthology which I co-edited with Christopher Golden and James A Moore is shipping now.  It’s a collection of all new horror stories from British writers, both established and relatively new to the field.  And we happen to think it’s very good indeed.

You can buy BRITISH INVASION direct from the publisher, or from your usual indie dealers.

This is the third anthology I’ve co-edited, but the first that has been published (the tales behind the previous two, Tales from the Teeth Park, and Nightshades, are long and complex, buy me a drink one day and I’ll tell you).  I’m very, very proud to have my name on a book as editor – editing an anthoklogy has long been an ambition of mine, and here’s hoping I get to do some more in the near future.  I hope you like the book … do let me know!

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2 comments on “British Invasion”

  1. Steve Volk says:

    Any sign of any copies appearing on these shores, Tim?

    Haven’t received my copy yet.

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Steve, copies have been spotted all across the UK. Some of them are arriving dusted in snow, but there are confirmed sightings, several fuzzy photographs, and we’re hoping that a copy will be shot soon and put on display in the National Library.

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