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November 6th, 2008 • Posted in Book News |

I thought I’d post an update on forthcoming book releases.  Where these are available for pre-order, I’ve posted an Amazon link, but ordering from your local bookstore is always good.

So here we go:

Bar None – sometimes soon, from Night Shade Books – my first original horror novel in over 18 months

The Map of Moments – January 2009 – with Christopher Golden, the second Novel of the Hidden Cities, from Bantam Spectra

Hellboy: The Fire Wolves – Dark Horse April 2009 – my second Hellboy novel, this time for the excellent Dark Horse

The Island – April 2009 – fourth novel in the award-winning Noreela series, from Bantam Spectra

You’ll also see Mind the Gap and Fallen released in mass market paperback format early next year, both by Bantam Spectra.

And as well as this, a limited edition of Mind the Gap from Cemetery Dance, and another book from them at some point. And there are other projects I can’t announce just yet, and a couple of announcement that are pending.

I’m also working on a crime novel. Oh yes.

More exciting announcements soon!

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6 comments on “Book Updates”

  1. Darren T says:

    Looking forward to ‘Bar None’ immensely, mate 🙂

  2. Rich says:

    Yeah, me too. Loved the concept when I read it.

    Seems like giving up work was the best thing you did, lol


  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thank ‘ee kindly, gents. I’m looking forward to it too … an important book for me, for many reasons.

  4. Pedro says:

    Tim, do you know if there are going to be HC editions of The Map of Moments & The Island?

    And I’m also looking forward to Bar None

  5. Eric H. says:

    Carefully Reading an ARC copy of The Map of Moments, but of course I will be buying a reading copy of it, and I am really enjoying it so far at chapter 3. And of course waiting for Bar None as you know.

  6. Tim Lebbon says:

    Pedro, yes, there’ll be a limited edition hardcover of MAP, though it’s not officially announced yet (a clue: same publisher that’s doing MIND THE GAP). As for THE ISLAND, I hope so … there’s an announcement coming soon about limited editions of DUSK and DAWN, and I’m hopeful the same publisher will then go on to do FALLEN and THE ISLAND. We’ll see ….

    Eric, glad you’re enjoying MAP, Chris and are are delighted with how it turned out. BAR NONE should be with us very soon.

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