Blot Tour stop #7: Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

May 25th, 2009 • Posted in Book News, Reviews & Interviews |

Blog Tour stop #7, everyone!  It’s Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review today, where the excellent Graeme asks me some interesting and sightful questions, and I attempt to answer them in a similar manner. He also reviews FALLEN here.

For anyone holding back from ordering a copy of FALLEN in case they win one on the blog tour … it’s almost over.  Get that itching ‘order’ finger ready over that ‘place order’ button … or better yeat, head off to Waterstone’s today.  It’s a bank holiday, give yourselves a treat.

And for anyone interested in the result of the post-blog party on saturday … Kylie was good.  But not that good.  Later today, I’m expecting the door’s to be battered down by Motorhead. Have ordered a dozen bottles of JD, an orchard of cider for Phil, and a Grand Prix of speed.

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