Blog Tour stop #4: Falcata Times

May 18th, 2009 • Posted in Book News, Reviews & Interviews |

Well, someone turned up for the party at the end of Stop #3 on my blog tour … but I can’t remember much of it.  The neighbour’s dog was barbecued, every door in my house was removed, and my wife has been replaced by an exact replica.  I think maybe it was Pink Floyd.

Stop #4 is Falcata Times … please check it out for another in-depth interview, and another dodgy photo of me, this one even more close-up than before (if you dare) …

Tonight, am expecting the Banana Splits at the after-blog party.

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2 comments on “Blog Tour stop #4: Falcata Times”

  1. Highlander says:

    Sorry about the dog, but somebody did ask for a hotdog!!
    The doors will be returned when you meet my demands.
    You actually got your real wife back, the replica was the woman you thought was Mrs Lebbon all along.
    It wasn’t Pink Floyd it was the Bay City Rollers but I can see how you could mix them up.

    Oh and the Banana Splits… can I come, me and Fleagle used to be quite close.

  2. sbp says:

    The 4th stop extract doesn’t exist.

    There are 2 5th stop ones though in the directory.

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