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December 22nd, 2009 • Posted in Book News |

I’ll soon be able to announce two very exciting new book deals.  I’m itching to spill the beans, but am waiting until I get the go-ahead from publishers.  British readers of both my horror and fantasy, watch this space early in the New Year …

Coming soon, I’ll be posting a recap of 2009, chatting about my favourite movies and books of the year, and talking a bit about what is to come in 2010.  It’s going to be an exciting year.

Right now, though … there’s a mince pie with my name on it!  And no, I haven’t changed my name to Mr Kipling.

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5 comments on “Big News”

  1. Adam Grikepelis says:

    Hi Mr Lebbon (or Tim if you prefer)
    just starting to discover your writing (began with the wonderfully minimal Changing of Faces, & Naming of Parts).

    I remember reading about a forthcoming collection from PS Publishing, and was just wondering if there’s going to be any overlap between its content and your earlier collections ‘As The Sun Goes Down’ & ‘White and other tales of ruin’. Really wanting to buy them, but also really don’t want to double up too much.
    cheers, and merry Xmas.

  2. edifanob says:

    Yesterday I finished THE ISLAND. Good stuff.
    I really would like to read a sequel.
    May I ask you if you think about to write a sequel?

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks, glad you liked it! I doubt there’ll ever be a sequel … but I never say never.

  4. Tim Lebbon says:

    Adam, thanks for your kind words! And to answer your question, no, there’s no crossover at all between the previous collections and the one forthcoming from PS. There’s also a new collection incoming from Cemetery Dance imminently (a word I’m cautious using with CD).

  5. Adam Grikepelis says:

    that’s good to hear. and yes, I’ve got the CD collection on order too – which I figure should be out by the time I’m ready to read it, whenever that happens to be.

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