Arriving in threes

June 3rd, 2010 • Posted in Book News |

No new books for a couple of months, then three turn up together.  My postman must love me.  Parcels, packages and boxes, I do more for his strength-building than any gym membership.

I’ve already told you about LAST EXIT FOR THE LOST.  Yesterday’s two new additions were:

The hardback of THE THIEF OF BROKEN TOYS, an officially recognised Beautiful Object in the world of books.  If you didn’t get your pre-order in for this one … watch the second hand market.  It’s a gorgeous product yet again from the brilliant CZP Publications.  Nice.   And remember, paperback and Kindle editions are still available.

The second arrival yesterday was my brand new original 30 Days of Night novel, FEAR OF THE DARK.  This one, based in the 30 Days of Night universe, is a mad vampire novel set in good old London, taking in archaeological digs, the British Museum, and a very strange guardian angel.  It was fun to write, and I’m sure it’ll be fun to read as well.

More new books due very soon, watch this space for info.

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