Fantasy Book Critic, and other stuff

November 21st, 2008 • Posted in Book News |

The very excellent Fantasy Book Critic has posted the second part of his ‘Coming in 2009’ list … it makes for interesting reading, and it weighs heavy on the wallet.  Featured in there is my forthcoming novel The Island from Bantam Spectra, as well as many, many novels with slinky, hard-looking women on the cover, who you just know are going to turn out to be vampires or werewolves.

Hey, that gives me an idea for a book …

In other news, my new Hellboy novel Hellboy: The Fire Wolves has been delivered to Dark Horse.  This one’s out early next year, and I’ll soon be posting further details in a ‘Forthcoming Books’ page I’m working on.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting details about how you can order The Reach of Children direct from me … just got to check out postage rates.

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  1. Rich says:

    You say the word and I’m on it. Really glad that this book isn’t going to slip away unnoticed. I’ve read your comments on it with interest and I am definitely looking forward to it.


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