2012 … looking back (and forward)

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Happy New Year!

So, 2012.  It was an exciting year for me in many ways, with ups and a couple of downs.  I had several books published, parted ways with two publishers, and I’m about to sign an exciting deal with a new publisher.  I had books published to great reaction, but I also came to learn that publishers are becoming even more cautious.

We live in interesting time, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

2012 saw publication of my novelisation of The Cabin in the Woods, as well as my novels Coldbrook, The Heretic Land, and Toxic City Book One: London Eye.  My collection Nothing as it seems was also released from PS Publishing.  And The Secret Journeys of Jack London: The Sea Wolves (written with Christopher Golden) was published in the USA by HarperCollins.  I’m really proud of all of these books, and it was a thrill to see so many books hitting the shelves in one year.  Coldbrook seemed to make a bit of a splash.  And the Toxic City trilogy is even now in development at ABC Network as a TV series (and more on that soon).

All in all, a great year.  And though it also had its downs, 2012 ended with an exciting new deal being agreed for a novel I’m extremely excited about writing.  That novel is The Silence, and I’ll be able to tell you more about that very, very soon.

So what does 2013 have in store?  As well as The Silence, Toxic City Book Two: Reaper’s Legacy will be published.  And then there’s my very exciting Star Wars novel Into the Void: Dawn of the Jedi, due to be published in May.  Can’t wait for that!  And I’m also thrilled that I’ll be attending my first Star Wars convention at the National Space Centre.  I’ll be writing a novella for Spectral Publications (tentative title Still Life), as well as a long-awaited third novella in the Naming of Parts/Changing of Faces trilogy for PS Publishing.  And there are other exciting projects in the pipeline which I’ll talk about more here as and when I can.

Oh, and I’ll also be training for and racing the single most challenging one-day endurance event in the world … Ironman UK.  I talk about that and more on my website RunWalkCrawl.  Madness.  But in a good way.

A big thanks to all of you who continue to read and enjoy my work.  Without you I wouldn’t be doing this, and I’m grateful.  If you read my books and enjoy them, do drop me a line.  It’s always good to hear from you.

I’ll do my best to update this blog more frequently during 2013.  Meanwhile, I’d like to wish you all a happy, fruitful, and safe 2013.



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