More Alien reviews

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If you haven’t already bought a copy of Alien:Out of the Shadows then perhaps one of these three new reviews will tempt you?

Horror Novel Reviews


Ravenous Monster


Kindle Aliens and a starred review

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Alien:Out of the Shadows is now available on the Kindle in the UK.  Head over here to buy it or visit the book page here for other buying links, reviews and an extract.

Meanwhile Coldbrook is due out in the US in early April, and Publishers Weekly have a starred review of it here.


More reviews and an extract

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With Alien:Out of the Shadows in the wild this week, the reviews continue to come in.  The latest can be found over at Popmythology here.

Those of you looking for an extract, look no further, there is one at here.

Finally there is a review of previous release, “Still Life”, over at Twilight Ridge, here.  Paperback and Hardback copies are still available at Spectral press, all the details can be found on the book page here.


Top ten Alien moments

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Over at Dread Central there is a guest blog with Tim listing his top ten Alien moments, you can read them here.

Also another review of Alien:Out of the Shadows has come in, this one over at SciFi Bulletin here.



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A few bit and pieces to round up.

Alien:-Out of the Shadows is officially released next week.  An ebook version is now available to pre-order for Kindle in the US and hopefully a UK version will follow on release day.  Links on the book page here.

The first couple of reviews for the novel have appeared, one at here and one at The Geek Girl Project here.

In other news Tim will have  a story in a new Noir Urban Fantasy collection called “Streets of Shadows” which is being released via Kickstarter.  Details of the various support levels and other authors can be found here.  Funding closes on Monday 24th February.



“There’s movement all around us !”

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Alien:Out of the Shadows is due for release next week, however Amazon UK are listing it as in stock now.  So head on over to the book page here to order/pre-order.



White Fangs – Out Now

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White Fangs – the third and final instalment in the Jack London trilogy is available now as an Ebook only.

Head over to the book page here for ordering details.

Returning to the Yukon with his love Sabine in an attempt to shed light on her mysterious past, Jack is accompanied by several werewolf pirates, and followed by their brutal ex-captain, Ghost. But that great, cold land has fallen under the shadow of a new, terrible threat –– great beasts that relish the taste of human blood. It is up to Jack, his friends, and the trail-hardened Callie King to confront the danger. But these monsters are terrible and powerful, and they are forced to join forces with the dreadful tree-spirit Lesya for any chance at surviving.



What Happened Was … Looking back over 2013 (Wookies, Ironman, and Iron Maiden).

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2013.  It rained a lot, didn’t it?  But other stuff also happened, not always so wet and unpredictable, sometimes bookish, sometimes triathlon-ish.  Generally it was a good year, although with too many sad moments and friends lost.

Here’s what happened in my world.

I had four books published this year:

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi––Into the Void hit the shelves in May, climbing onto the New York Times bestseller chart and being generally well-received.  Praise wasn’t universal, but then I wasn’t really expecting that.  And I used ‘cuss-words’ … which people in that long-time-ago galaxy, it seems, weren’t supposed to do.  I had so much fun writing this book and seeing it out there, and I’m really hoping I get to make the jump to light speed in the Star Wars universe again.

Toxic City: Reaper’s Legacy and Contagion were both published, rounding off the trilogy set in a devastated London.  These books have been received well and sold OK, and I’d love to write more YA novels.  The TV series with ABC didn’t quite happen — it was exciting for a time — but that doesn’t mean to say it won’t happen elsewhere.

Still Life, my novella with Spectral Publications, was launched at the excellent, manic, exhausting World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in November.  Yes, true, it’s based on the Iron Maiden song of the same name, and I think it’s one of the best novellas I’ve written.  I love writing novellas … and there’ll be at least one more surfacing in 2014.

I also wrote a brand new thriller on spec, Endure, and I’m hoping for some news on that in the New Year.  Watch this space!  Not only is it one of the first things I’ve ever written without any fantastical elements, I also think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever written.

Looking ahead book-wise … I’m writing The Silence for Titan, the Star Wars book will hit the shelves in paperback, and my Alien novel Out of the Shadows is released early 2014.  I’m also delighted that Coldbrook will get its US release through splendid publishers Titan. My own digital publishing enterprise Dreaming in Fire Press will launch in 2014 with six of my novellas, with more novellas, novels and collections to come.  I’ll be writing the final draft of my screenplay My Haunted House, a spooky animated kids’ movie.  The script Playtime (written with Stephen Volk) is under option, and I’m also hoping for forward movement on a couple more movie projects.  I’m writing a graphic novel with my Canadian bro Brett Savory.  And I’ll also be working on another new novel.  Exciting times!

Now then, non-writing stuff, and the highlight of the year had to be racing my first Ironman!  If 2011 was my Three Peaks year and 2012 was my marathon year (I ran two, actually), then 2013 was definitely the year of Ironman.  It dominated the first 8 months of the year, both mentally and physically, and the big day itself was definitely one of the most amazing days of my life.  I’ve written about it at length elsewhere … if you’re interested, check this out.

I also did several other great races, and 2014 is shaping up to be an even more challenging year.  My main race will be Ironman Wales, one step up from Ironman UK in difficulty (it’s in Wales, even the swim is uphill!).  I’ll also be racing the Windsor Triathlon, Outlaw Half, and Long Course Weekend, as well as several 100+ mile sportives and a 50k mountain bike race.  And they’re just the ones I’ve signed up for!

2013 also had too many sad moments, and the writing community lost some of its finest voices, some of them good friends.  I’ll miss them all.

A day away from 2014, I’m eager as ever to get there, and as determined as ever to make it bigger and better than ever.  My kids continue to make me proud, my wife continues to put up with me, and I’m lucky to have the friends I have.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for taking the time, and thank you to everyone who continues to read and appreciate my work.  I’ve now been writing for a living for over 7 years, and without the continued support of readers that just wouldn’t be possible.  I’ll keep writing them if you keep buying them!  There’s plenty more to come.

I’d like to wish you all a happy, peaceful, and rewarding new year.




New Year roundup

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As a new year rapidly approaches here are some of the things to look out for.

January – At the start of the month Dark Duets is released featuring a short story collaboration between Tim and Michael Marshall Smith, then at the end of the month Alien: Out of the Shadows is released.

April – Coldbrook finally has a US release (with a new cover), and Star Wars: Into the Void comes out in Paperback.

Also during the first part of the year “Dreaming in Fire” press will launch.  This will be for ebooks and will start with a series of Novella releases.  More details on this to follow.



Midnight Symphony

December 2nd, 2013 • Posted in Book News |

Just in time or Christmas, this ebook collection of fantastic novellas is available for just 99c.  Featuring my novella In Perpetuity, as well as others from Kealan Patrick Burke, Robert Ford, Brian James Freeman, J F Gonzales, Kelli Owen, Mary SanGiovanni, Bryan Smith, Robert Swartwood, and F Paul Wilson.  You know it makes sense.