Key to stores:

  • Ap = Apple Bookstore
  • Ba = Baen
  • Gp = Google Play
  • Ki = Kindle
  • Ko = Kobo
  • Ne = Necon
  • No = Nook US store
  • No UK = Nook UK store
  • Sm = Smashwords
  • So = Sony Ereader US store
  • So UK = Sony Ereader UK store
  • Wa = Waterstones (Epub DRM)

The following ebooks are available:-


Dark Fantasy


Novellas/Short Stories


  • Dusk (Ki US only)(No)(So)

  • Dawn (Ki US only)(No)(So)

  • Fallen (Ki US only)(No)(So)

  • The Island (Ap)(Ki)(Ko)(No)(No UK)(Wa)(So)

Jack London (with Chris Golden)

Hidden Cities (with Chris Golden)

Tie ins



Store shortcut links

These links should take you to a list of Tim’s titles available at specific stores

Amazon UK for the Kindle

Amazon US for the Kindle

Nook UK

Barnes and Noble US for the Nook


Google Play

Sony UK for the Sony Ereader

Sony US for the Sony Ereader