Signing news

May 9th, 2014 • Posted in News |

Just a reminder that if you are in Cardiff tomorrow morning (Saturday 10th May) Tim will be signing at Waterstones from 11am until around noon.

Copies of Star Wars:Dawn of the Jedi, and Alien:Out of the Shadows will be available, and I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to sign anything else you bring along (including but not limited to body parts, livestock, halibut)



News round up

April 28th, 2014 • Posted in Book News, News |

An end of April catch up starting off with a sneak peak at the cover for “The Silence”

Appearance News – On Saturday 10th May at 11am Tim will be in Cardiff Waterstones signing his ALIEN and STAR WARS novels. Pop in if you’re around!

The short story “Skin and Bone” will appear in Ellen Datlow’s new anthology “The Doll Collection”.  Due out from TOR in spring 2015

With Coldbrook recently released in the US there are a number of new interviews and articles


Dreaming in Fire…

March 3rd, 2014 • Posted in Book News, News |

…working in clay.  It’s from one of my favourite quotes by Arthur Machen, “I dream in fire but work in clay.”  For me that sums up the creative process perfectly.  The whole idea used to depress me — that my idea for a story is never done justice by the story I eventually write.  But after doing this for a while now, I’ve come to learn that there’s really no such thing as perfection.  A piece of fiction is never actually finished, it’s just put to one side, published (if I’m lucky), and then I move on to something else.

There’s something quite comforting in that, actually, because it means I always strive to make my next piece of writing better than the last.  That’s probably why I don’t find writing particularly easy, and while I usually enjoy it, it’s challenging and demanding.

So … that’s why I’ve called my new ebook publishing venture DREAMING IN FIRE PRESS.  Just because I like the quote.  And I can.

Now then, I’m not the most tech-savvy bloke around.  I have an iphone, yes, and I use it mainly for … well, phoning people. I text with it and check my emails, too, but that’s about it.  I haven’t so much dived into the sea of apps available as dipped my toe in.  In fact, the very tip of my toe (bloody Flappy Birds!).  I also work on a Mac, but it’s not attached/tuned into/magicked into the whole icloud thingy.  And I don’t even want to talk about the Windows laptop we bought our daughter for Christmas…

So the whole idea of ebooks has troubled me for some time.  I’d think, Well, yeah, I really should.  And I will.  One day.  But it scared me.  It took some time to take the plunge, and I’d like to think Robert Swartwood for all his help and advice (and also his splendid book designs), Graeme Reynolds for advice and support, and also Kealan Patrick Burke of ElderLemon Design for his great covers.

I’ve come to realise that I have a LOT of stuff hanging around on my hard disc that really should be out there for readers to — hopefully — snap up.  Novellas, several novels, short stories… For now it’s all work that’s been published before in one form or another (although there will be some rarities coming out soon), but depending on reaction to these first ebooks I’m putting out, that might change.  There’s at least one novelette series I’d very much like to continue (anyone guess what it is?), and other ideas that might suit the whole ebook platform very well.

So I hope you’ll enjoy this first round of ebooks.  It starts with WHITE because … well, I can’t think of a better place to begin.  It won the British Fantasy Award, was optioned for movie (still alive!), was selected for the two major Year’s Best anthologies as well as the Mammoth Book of the Best of Best New Horror, and it’s one of those stories that people still want to talk to me about, even thirteen years after it was first published.

Hope you’ll pick it up.  It’s March, and there’s still time for snow.



Kindle Aliens and a starred review

February 6th, 2014 • Posted in News |

Alien:Out of the Shadows is now available on the Kindle in the UK.  Head over here to buy it or visit the book page here for other buying links, reviews and an extract.

Meanwhile Coldbrook is due out in the US in early April, and Publishers Weekly have a starred review of it here.


New Year roundup

December 8th, 2013 • Posted in Book News, News |

As a new year rapidly approaches here are some of the things to look out for.

January – At the start of the month Dark Duets is released featuring a short story collaboration between Tim and Michael Marshall Smith, then at the end of the month Alien: Out of the Shadows is released.

April – Coldbrook finally has a US release (with a new cover), and Star Wars: Into the Void comes out in Paperback.

Also during the first part of the year “Dreaming in Fire” press will launch.  This will be for ebooks and will start with a series of Novella releases.  More details on this to follow.



Auction for the Philippines

November 17th, 2013 • Posted in News |

If you would like the chance to get a full signed and personalised set of the Toxic City Trilogy novels, whilst helping out a good cause, head over here.

The auction is open until 8pm GMT on Wednesday 20th November, and there are plenty of other items available to bid on as well. full index is here.


STILL LIFE – pre-order

September 11th, 2013 • Posted in Book News, News |

My brand new novella STILL LIFE is up for pre-order now from Spectral Press, limited to 125 signed hardcover copies.  It’s being launched at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton this November, but pre-orders are being taken now.  Cover art by the amazing Jim Burns will be revealed soon!

Writer and broadcaster Muriel Gray says:

“Tim Lebbon conjures up the horror of a world distorted by fear, distrust, and something unspeakable. With respectful nods to H.P Lovecraft Still Life rubs reality up against nightmares in this compact, engrossing treat.”

It’s my first novella for some time, and I’m delighted with how it turned out.  Surreal, horrific, dreamlike … nightmarish … I think it’s one of my best.

Here’s the blurb:

Jenni’s husband was part of the Road of Souls––his flesh swarmed by ants and pecked by rooks, bones crushed to powder by wheels of dread––and yet she still saw him in the pool.

            The incursion has been and gone, the war is over, and the enemy is in the land, remote and ambiguous.  The village outskirts are guarded by vicious beasts, making escape impossible.  The village itself is controlled by the Finks, human servants to the enemy––brutal, callous, almost untouchable. 

            Everything is less than it was before… time seems to move slower, the population is much denuded, and life itself seems to hold little purpose.  This is not living, it’s existing.

            But in a subjugated population, there is always resistance. 

            For Jenni, the happiest part of this new life is visiting the pool in the woods, seeing her dead husband within, and sharing memories of happier times.  It calms her and makes her feel alive.

            But the resistance comes to her for help. 

            And when her dead husband tells her it is time to fight, Jenni’s life is destined for a shattering change.  


Into the Void – 50 page excerpt

May 6th, 2013 • Posted in Extracts, News |


For everyone waiting for tomorrow, or the postman, or payday, here is a 50 page excerpt of Into the Void, courtesy of Star Wars books.  It may only be available until this coming Friday, so be quick, or read fast.

You can find the excerpt here


The Next Big Thing — Tag, I’m it!

October 31st, 2012 • Posted in News |
Last week the very excellent Mark Morris tagged me in his ‘The Next Big Thing’ blog post thingy.  It’s an ongoing process where one writer answers a series of questions (see below!), and then tags 5 others writers (see below the below!) who get to do it all again the following week.  By Christmas every blog would have been read by at least five billion people, we’ll all be outselling 50 Shades of Gray, and I’ll have my order in for that subterranean swimming complex/evil guy’s lair I’ve had my eye on.
Or something.
Anyway, in a moment of rash enthusiasm I agreed to do it.  Also, because Mark is like a brother to me.  A much older brother.  Albeit one who looks young and more dashing the older he gets, damn him.  And in turn, after these questions and answers (which, hands up I’ll admit to tweaking somewhat), I’ll be tagging my own five victims writers.
1) What is the title of your latest book?
2) Where did the idea come from for the book?
It’s my Big Apocalyptic novel.  I’ve been wanting to write it for some time.  I enjoy destroying the world, and have done so many times in my novellas and short stories (by my last calculation I’d killed about 30 billion people in my fiction).  For COLDBROOK I wanted to take it one step further and not just destroy our world, but our worlds.  Notice the plural.  There’s a big science fictional element, and researching multiverse theory was fascinating, and mind-blowing.
That might all sound a bit glib, but it is a serious book, with what I hope are honest, believable characters, and some of the most exciting writing I think I’ve ever done.  Big scale and fast paced, it still concentrates on just a few main characters, and their efforts to make good some terrible, shattering mistakes…
And there are zombies.
3) What genre does your book fall under?
It’s an apocalyptic zombie science fictional thriller with a love story, but no historical naval aspect.
4) What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?
Jonah Jones – John Hurt
Vic – Jamie Foxx
Holly – January Jones
Jayne – Jennifer Lawrence
5) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
They forge a pathway between this Earth and another … and something comes through.
6) Who published your book?
Hammer, an imprint of Arrow.
7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
About 4 months.
8) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Well as it’s a big scale zombie novel, I like to think it has the realism and scare-factor of World War Z.  I thought this book was so well done, and so frightening.
9) Who or what inspired you to write this book?
As above … I wanted to write my definitive end of the world novel.  This is it.  However …. that’s not to say there won’t be another, and I already have a proposal for a new apocalyptic novel called The Silence.  Watch this space.
10) What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?
If you like horror, zombies, action, science fiction, chase stories, love stories, heroics, bad guys, and Penderyn whiskey, you’ll love this novel.
And now … onward!  My five taggees are:


Happy Birthday to…

September 4th, 2012 • Posted in News |

… the very excellent TIM LOVE, who keeps my website all ship-shape and up to date.  Don’t tell him, but I’m buying him a few pints at Fantasycon.