COLDBROOK official launch

October 1st, 2012 • Posted in Book News |

COLDBROOK was all over the place at Fantasycon… I signed loads of books, saw flyers, and even a sampler of the first chapter I wasn’t aware had been circulated!  It’s all good.

And on 13th October, the book will be officially launched at Abergavenny Bookshop, 12:00 noon, following by a drink or two at the Hen & Chicks.

Please come along if you can.  Hell, please come along if you can’t.

General mutterings at Fantasycon were that there shouldn’t be any more zombie novels.  Well, try this one.




2 comments on “COLDBROOK official launch”

  1. Keith West says:

    When will this be released in the US?

  2. tim says:

    Keith, watch this space for news.

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