Alien Vs Ironman

September 13th, 2016 • Posted in News |

armageddonYou can’t stop him.  In the next couple of weeks book 3 in the Rage War Trilogy – Alien Vs Predator:Armageddon is out, and Tim will be competing in Iron Man Wales.

September 28th is the publication of the final book in the trilogy.

“The Rage launch the ultimate assault on the Human Sphere. Their greatest weapons are the most fearsome creatures in the galaxy the Xenomorphs.
Having fled centuries before, the Rage return to take revenge and claim the planet for their own. Now, through a deal struck with the unlikeliest of allies, the human race may rely on the Predators to ensure mankind s ultimate freedom. Yet even the combined might of the two races may not be enough. The fate of the Earth may rest with a single android Liliya of the Rage.”



Meanwhile this weekend Tim is running Iron Man Wales in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, you can read why and sponsor him here.






End of the blog tour

August 27th, 2016 • Posted in News |

The last two stops on “The Family Man” blog tour have been man cover

You can check out Tim’s writing play list over at Brook Cottage Books, and find out how running helps writing at Shotsmag confidential.

If you have yet to pick up a copy of the book then head over to the book page.


Blog Tour

August 19th, 2016 • Posted in News |

A few more stops on the blog tour have been reached.  family man cover

Celeste Loves Books is here,  Compelling reads is here, and Random Things Through my Letterbox here.



Family Man blog tour

August 15th, 2016 • Posted in News |

Just a reminder that Tim is currently in the middle of a blog tour for “The Family Man”

blog tourYou can find A Bookaholic Swede here and My Reading Corner here

If you have yet to pick a copy up check out the book page here for ordering details.


The Family Man launched today (and other news)

August 11th, 2016 • Posted in Book News |

Today sees the launch of “The Family Man”.  You can buy it from all good Bookshops, Supermarkets or online.  Available in paperback, ebook or audio book.  family man coverLinks for some online stores, and further details at the book page here.

To celebrate the release Tim is going on a blog tour, check out the sites below, and you can jump straight to the first stop by clicking here.

There is a list of tips to becoming a best-selling, published author over at Female First here, and some thoughts on settings for the novel at Indie Thinking here.

The Family Man is also book of the Month in Buzz magazine, check out page 52 here.

As more reviews and interviews come through I’ll be sure to add a link.

I promised you other news as well.  Tim and regular collaborator Christopher Golden have a new Novella “A Hole in the World” which features Russian secret science vs. an ancient subterranean species of monsters in SNAFU:Unnatural selection.  You can pick up the ebook from Amazon UK or Amazon US

Finally some breaking news for anyone who read down this far, Tim is currently writing the novelisation of the forthcoming film Kong:Skull Island.  The temporary cover is below.

Happy release day everyone, enjoy the book.


blog tourkong










Happy Birthday Tim

July 28th, 2016 • Posted in News |

Yes another year has passed, more books published, more miles run, walked and swum.

In honour of the forthcoming final part of the rage war trilogy, I present, Alien Vs Predator cake.




Forthcoming releases

July 26th, 2016 • Posted in Book News |

A quick round up of releases due in the near man cover

The Family Man is due out from Avon on August 11th, details on the book page.

The finale of the Rage War trilogy “Alien Vs Predator: Armageddon is due out on September 28th

Tim also has a story in the collection “Something Remains” stories based on and inspired by the notes left by Joel Lane.  This is due for release at FantasyCon over the weekend of 24/25th September.  Details on the Alchemy press website here.


Flash Drives

July 18th, 2016 • Posted in Random Stuff |

I don’t usually endorse products on here but … this company were kind enough to send me some personalised samples of their flash drives — with my web address and other info on.  A particularly nifty one is a pen that also houses a flash drive.  Check them out!  They design to order, and do some great stuff.pro_pen_flash_pen_drive


Rime is launched

June 27th, 2016 • Posted in Book News |

Rime is now available to download as an ebook.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Order links are here, and if you scroll down you can read Tim’s thoughts on the creation of this novella.


Background to Rime

June 21st, 2016 • Posted in Book News |

With Rime due out next Monday I asked Tim for some thoughts on the novella…

RIME is a brand new science fiction novella. It’s due for release as an exclusive ebook on 27th June from Venture Press. So, where did it come from?

I’ve always loved the epic Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Iron Maiden have a lot to do with that. I remember being in school when their Powerslave album came out, featuring their song based on the poem, and every day we’d pile into school and ask our mates how many times we’d listened to it the night before. I still love it now (in fact, I listened to it only yesterday), and for a long time I’ve considered writing a science fiction novella inspired by the poem.

The chance came when I decided to try writing something longhand.

Now, anyone who’s seen my handwriting will already be guffawing at the mere idea of me picking up a pen. Sometimes even I have a problem reading my own writing (true). But I’d been thinking for a long time about how writing something longhand, instead of sitting at a computer, might change the creative process. So armed with a couple of new notebooks––and like most writers I love empty, fresh notebooks––I left the house and hit the cafes.

Rime probably cost me a hundred pounds in coffee and cakes to write, but it was a fun process. The books filled quickly, the story flowed, and I sensed that my writing style was somehow streamlined simply through the process of brain-finger-pen instead of brain-keyboard. Maybe that’s because I wasn’t constantly going back and correcting what I’d written (I’m a 4 fingered typist, which necessitates frequent pauses to correct what I’ve typed).

When it was finished, I left the novella for a while and moved on to other projects. This is also something I don’t often do anymore, and it did the story some good.

By the time I knew I wanted to work with Venture Press, and told them I had the perfect project, it had been a while since I’d written Rime. Typing it up, revising, editing, was a revealing process, and I’ve ended up with a novella that makes me very proud.

I hope you’ll check it out!

Pre-order links for Rime are on the book page here, currently you can get a copy for 99p or $1.45 and it is due out on June 27th